Daniel Franco Update: The Struggle Continues

Daniel Franco remains battling in a Pomona hospital after several brain surgeries and a recent bout against infection.

It’s been two months since Rancho Cucamonga’s Franco was rushed to a hospital after suffering a knockout loss against Utah’s Jose Haro and a subsequent “brain bleed” in Iowa. He underwent two surgeries in Sioux City Iowa, and recently another in Pomona.

After a month in a Nebraska recovery hospital in July, Franco was airlifted to Southern California and has been at the Casa Colina Hospital in the city of Pomona.

Franco, 25, is now recovering at the Pomona rehabilitation center where he is within 10 miles of his Rancho Cucamonga home.

Recently the former prizefighter suffered a setback when infection set in during his recovery. Its’ one of the dangers that always remains when there is a surgery involved, especially to the brain.

“He’s doing better. Every day he is improving getting back to his old self as far as the last surgery. His spirits are good,” said Al Franco father of Daniel. “He is doing a lot better and lot better mood. He got a little down before the last surgery. He felt his brain was betraying him.”

A portion of Daniel Franco’s skull was removed to perform the initial surgeries and when it was put back on in Southern California, a slow-acting infection took hold. It was diagnosed quickly and surmised that removing the skull and putting it back led to the infection. The doctors feel putting the original skull portion back on would not be advisable. A metal plate will now be put in the opening of Franco’s skull when the time is appropriate.

“Eventually they will put a plate on him. His skin is sewed up and bandaged. If he gets up he has to wear a helmet. His skin is the only thing protecting it,” said Al Franco.

Infection is always a danger.

Meanwhile, Daniel Franco has felt frustrated by the setback and remains in the hospital. Family and friends have kept him company. His speech became convoluted after the infection but he has slowly improved back to near normal.

“He likes to read. They actually are giving him different therapists to test his motor skills,” said Al Franco. “He gets homework in neuropsychology. He does essays. He is understanding what he reads.”

Though Franco still has a portion of his skull unprotected, he relishes returning home.

“He cannot wait to go home. Even though he now wears a helmet,” said Al Franco.

Go Fund Me page

Costs continue to mount for the Franco family who are forced to pay hotel, rental car, cleaning and food expenses. It’s a daily struggle financially.

Strangely, Roc Nation has not called the Franco family though they promoted the last several Daniel Franco fights.

This is the 68th day for the Franco family whose sole focus is on the recovery of Daniel Franco. They will need monetary assistance for a variety of things including food, transportation, housing and other necessary items.

So far the fight community has raised more than $52,000 for the family but recently the donations have slowed. The family costs grow daily.

Please remember that the Franco family’s struggles have not ended. We need all of the boxing family to support one of our fallen warriors and his loved ones.

To help the Franco family please go to their GoFundMe page:


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