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David Avila And ThePrizefighters.com – You may know our West Coast Editor David Avila for his years worth of contributions here at TSS and for his hard work covering boxing, especially the scene in southern California.

What you may not know about David is that his love of all things pugilistic has seen him overseeing the content for ThePrizefighters.com, a boxing site dedicated to the women’s side of the sport. The women’s side of boxing has been growing exponentially over the past few years on a world-wide level and Avila has put together an international staff of writers to cover the women.

The fact is that the 21st century has seen women all over the world dedicate themselves to the sport of boxing and the result has been competitive hotbeds in Mexico, Argentina, Europe and Asia that show the ladies have gone beyond just mere spectacle to practicing boxing at a high level. Avila will be the first to tell you that the women’s side of the sport deserves a lot more attention, and mainstream attention than it is getting. The athletes have taken the sport to unprecedented levels and it is time that the boxing media do the same with their coverage of the sport. Enter Avila and ThePrizefighters.com – visit it and bookmark the site.

West Coast TSS and The Prizefighters.com editor David Avila can be reached via his Facebook page at David A Avila. Drop him a line.

Pictured: David Avila with female boxer Amaris Quintana.


David Avila And ThePrizefighters.com

And Avila’s passion doesn’t just extend itself to ThePrizefighters.com. Below you can catch Avila diving into the world of podcasts with his very own “2 Minute Round” show dedicated to the women of pugilism. Check it out right here.

David Avila And ThePrizefighters.com / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.



-Kid Blast :

David rules. Truly a great guy.

-oubobcat :

David is doing a great job with this site and with promoting it on social media. Women's boxing is definitely growing and the majority of it is not happening in the US though momentum is starting to pick up here as well. This is the main site I go to in order to stay on top of all things in the world of women's boxing and must say it is covered extremely well and thoroughly by David plus staff.

-KO Digest :

Don't think I've ever met the man. Seems like a nice enough guy. My Laila Ali at the Garden story was on that site!