Daniel Franco Update: Boxer Returning to California to Continue His Recovery

Southern California’s Daniel Franco, who suffered a “brain bleed” following a title fight in Iowa two weeks ago, will be allowed to be moved back to his home area, said a spokesman for the Franco family.

“He responded to questions and was able to move his fingers,” said Al Franco, the father of Daniel, 25, who also served as his boxing trainer.

Franco (pictured in happier days with SoCal trainer Danny Garcia) had been placed in an induced coma by medical staff at Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa since June 10. He recently was taken out of the coma and has responded favorably since.

The Franco family said Daniel Franco will be allowed to be moved to Riverside at the Parkview Hospital where he will resume recovery from the serious brain injury. Previously it was thought Franco would be sent to the Tucson, Arizona area. But this new location is within 20 miles from his actual home in Rancho Cucamonga.

Since June 10, Franco had been hospitalized and treated for the brain bleed and was given two surgical procedures to reduce the swelling in his head caused by too much blood. The pressure on the brain was an extreme danger to the fallen fighter who suffered a knockout loss to Jose Haro during their fight for the USBA featherweight title.

After getting up from the knockout loss Daniel Franco complained of pain to his knee and extreme pain in his head. He was taken immediately to the closest trauma hospital that could care for his possible subdural hematoma.

The medical staff was able to work on Franco immediately and possibly saved his life.

Head trauma

Every year more than a half dozen prizefighters, especially boxers, suffer head trauma and suffer brain bleeds or blood clots to the head. Recently, Canadian fighter Tim Hague died on Sunday after injuries sustained in the boxing ring on Friday June 16 in Canada.

Hague had been an MMA fighter for UFC but transitioned into boxing.

A few boxing and athletic commissions such as California State Athletic Commission have adopted using an electronic scanning device (EEG) that can evaluate whether a fighter has any sort of problems before and after a fight.

Gofundme page

This is just the beginning for the Franco family whose sole focus is on the recovery of Daniel Franco. They will need assistance for a variety of things including food, transportation, housing and other necessary items.

So far the fight community has raised more than $41,000 for the family. An estimated $20,000 alone will go toward transporting Franco from Iowa to California.

To help the Franco family please go to their GoFundMe page:


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Wow. What great news is this. He won't box again but he will have his life back.