Campbell Dissects Mathews; Bellew Bludgeons Flores

Campbell Dissects Mathews – In Liverpool, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and WBC Silver lightweight champion Luke Campbell showed the next level of his “game” as he stopped veteran Derry Mathews in the fourth round of their Echo Arena co-feature.

Mathews, entering the 51st fight of his career, was coming off a standout performance in a losing effort vs. undefeated Terry Flanagan with Flanagan’s WBO world lightweight title at stake. Flanagan, ranked #3 in the 135 pound weight class by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was tested by Mathews before winning by scores of 117-110, 117-110 and 115-112.

Against Campbell, however, Mathews was out of his league. The southpaw Campbell showed a focus and precision from the start of the fight and by the third round he had Mathews where he wanted him. Mathews went down after a blistering body shot as the third round drew to a close, and the writing was on the wall.

Campbell had been on a fast track as a pro after his Olympic performance, but some of the shine came off England’s “Golden Boy” with his first fight of 2016 when he took the first loss of his pro career, losing a split decision to France’s Yvan Mendy in London with the WBC’s International title on the line. Campbell came back at the end of July with a win over Argenis Mendez to win the vacant Silver title. His bout with Mathews was his first title defense. Campbell moves to 15-1 with his 12th win inside the distance.

Campbell Dissects Mathews; Bellew Bludgeons Flores and more

Bellew Bludgeons Flores – The bad blood and animosity from the fight’s build-up spilled over into the ring as the WBC world cruiserweight title fight between Tony Bellew and B.J. Flores turned into a good old-fashioned brawl with Flores and Bellew throwing big punches from the get-go.

Bellew, making the first defense of his title, knocked Flores in round two as Flores was complaining to the referee about a low blow. Flores was on the deck twice more before the round was over as Bellew, fighting on his home turf, withstood big shots by the American to land his precision bombs. In round three, Flores once again came out looking for Bellew’s head and he landed several times. To his credit, Bellew was composed under fire, and he caught Flores coming in again, resulting in a fourth knockdown. This time Flores would not beat the count. The look on his face as he timidly rose after the referee tolled “10” said that he wanted no more of Tony Bellew.

There is much talk about Bellew moving up to the heavyweight division for a showdown with former sparring partner David Haye who was ringside. Bellew did his job, winning emphatically, making the potential match with Haye more compelling.

October 15th, 2016 – Echo Arena – Additional Results:

135 lbs / 10 RDS: Sean Dodd def. Francisco Patera via SD 96-94,96-94,95-96
*Dodd defends his WBC International title.

118 lbs / 12 RDS: Ryan Burnett def. Ryan Farrag vis UD 117-111, 118-111, 118-110.
*Burnett defends his BBBofC British title.

199 lbs 8 RDS: Mairis Breidis def. Simon Vallily by TKO in RD 3.

168 lbs 8 RDS: Rocky Fielding def. Istvan Zeller by TKO in RD 2.

126 lbs 6 RDs: Paul Economides def. Elvis Guillen on points.

199 lbs 4 RDS: Craig Glover def.  Rolandas Cesna on points, 40-36.

140 lbs 4 RDS: Gerard Carroll def. Irvin Magno on points.

Campbell Dissects Mathews; Bellew Bludgeons Flores / Check out the results and highlights in this latest Boxing Channel video report.


-StormCentre :

Beautiful body shot to Flores to finish the fight off by Toney Bellew. So beautiful it was like telekinesis for me. As, whilst I watched the exchange between Flores and Bellew that led to the final moments - just as Bellew leaned back, adjusted himself from the left hook he'd just thrown in the final exchange, and appeared as if he were winding up a right cross - I thought to myself, there's a brilliant body shot right there on the inside of Flores. Then, Bellew goes and throws the right hand to the bread basket wide (right rip/hook to the body) and does a slight variant on what I had just envisaged happening. I couldn't believe it. Naturally, Bellew will most likely not be crediting me with the insight and result though. Love Bellow's comments to ( "SpongeBob Square Pants" ) Haye after the fight.

""You get me with 10 ounce gloves on and I don't care"."

Safe to say Bellew didn't take too kindly to Haye's pre fight prediction that stipulated Flores would win. :) Bring on Oleksandr Usyk V Toney Bellew. I think Usyk represents a bit of a step up from Bellew though.
Storm. :) :) :)

-Kid Blast :

"telekinesis" WTF

-miguel1 :

Usyk will make Bellew look like the plodding brit he is.

-StormCentre :

"telekinesis" WTF
Yes I know it sounds strange. Of course I am not literally saying it was actually "telekinesis". But I just happened to be casually watching the fight in a manner where I was not analytically assessing what was going on (just passively observing) - even though it was pretty clear that BJ Flores was not going to see too many more rounds out if he kept taking the shots he was eating - and (just as Bellew threw his last left hook and readjusted himself) it just shot into my mind that a beautiful body shot was there for the taking that Bellew was (seemingly) not going to take. But then he did take it. So, I was wrong and right simultaneously, and also kind of surprised at the short time interval between the sequence of my thoughts and Bellew's actions. It was a beautiful body shot. Cheers,
Storm. :) :)

-StormCentre :

Usyk will make Bellew look like the plodding brit he is.
It will be interesting to see how keen Bellew is to make that fight happen. Cheers,
Storm. :) :) :)