Tyson Fury and Cocaine

Tyson Fury and Cocaine – Cocaine is f—cking awesome.

I don’t know what it’s like to be the world heavyweight champion, but I do know what that first fluffy white line of coke is like. It’s as good as it gets, and you never stop thinking about it.


It’s strange, but you barely feel when you first try it and yet it makes everything so amazing at the same time. You feel great. Better than great! You are happy and excited about life. You rub a bit on your gums and your mouth is numb and when the coke drips from your nostrils into your throat—scream to the heavens–you feel like the king of the world. No—you ARE the king of the world.

But then it ruins you. Ugh. It always ruins you.

Tyson Fury has as much to lose as anyone who has ever battled such fierce a dragon. And while it’s easy to blame others—be it someone in particular, society in general or people somewhere in-between—the truth is the only person who decided to chop that stuff up and snort it is him.

Everyone has a reason, but not everyone uses drugs. I did. I did all the time. I’m weak. Mr. Fury, right now, so are you.

I’ve quit all sorts of terrible things. And I failed and came back to them and quit them again. Failed. Quit. Failed. Quit. The fight goes on forever.

For me, cocaine is the hardest one to kick. It’s the hardest because it’s the best. I still love it. I still want it. Sometimes, I feel like I downright need it.

Let me put it this way. Cocaine is so good that the people who bring it in from wherever it comes from stomp all over it with all sorts of crazy filler that does terrible stuff to you that the cocaine does not—burns your nose, keeps you up all night, cuts you up inside till you bleed—and people who are hooked on it still buy it and still love it.

According to some reports, almost 80 percent of the cocaine brought into the United States right now is cut with a substance called levamisole, a livestock dewormer that to humans has flesh eating properties when snorted up the nose.

People know it. They still buy it.

And it’s not cheap. Its crazy expensive and you spend your whole life as a junkie trying to come up with the cash to capture that feeling again—the one you had when you were on top of the world. That first line is your true love. She’s sexy, sweet, smart and she loves you so much. Right? How could she not? You’d give her anything.

Nope. She doesn’t love you, and she’s never coming back. No matter how much money you give her, she’s gone on to the next first timer. She’ll give you just enough to keep you coming to her, though. She’s not cruel. She’s just herself. She’s cocaine and she doesn’t care what you want. She’s got you, and she’s not letting go.

Whatever you think about a boxer not being able to defend his title because of recreational drug use, Fury has to get his life back on track and stop using drugs. Even if he never fights again, he has to defeat his cocaine addiction. If he doesn’t know it now, he will soon enough.

Rock bottom is a very lonely place, so you turn to the one you love. Maybe she will just be your friend, you reason. You need her, after all, and you’d give her anything. How could she refuse?

But Cocaine is not your friend. She doesn’t care about your financial woes. She doesn’t care about your family. She doesn’t care if you kill yourself.

This is despair.

Unlike most, though, Fury has experiences in his life that can help him recover. He’s an elite professional fighter who has accomplished more in his chosen occupation than 99 percent of his peers. Laugh at his beer belly between fights all you want. Fury can straight up fight when he puts his mind to it, and he knows when he has to train his butt off to be his best.

Here’s the best part: it doesn’t have to be pretty.

Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko last year in one of the ugliest bouts in heavyweight championship history. He used his size advantage, something Klitschko rarely has to worry about facing, and his acute ability to improvise to poke, prod and flat-out wrestle his way to boxing’s biggest crown.

It looked terrible on TV, but it still counted.

No, Klitschko isn’t cocaine, but he’s at least as formidable a foe. Ask all the so called better looking heavyweights than Fury who tried to wrestle Klitschko’s crown away from him the previous 12 years. How’d they do?

Almost all those guys looked like they could be better than Fury. A few looked like they could be the one to take Klitschko into the deep waters and drown him, too. Some of them were faster than Fury or bigger or stronger or just plain better looking as a fighter.

But none of them did it. They–like so many cocaine addicts in the world who try oh-so-hard but fail to kick the love of their life, cocaine, to the curb—were just another statistic to Klitschko’s devastating legacy.

But not Fury. He beat Klitschko. Maybe he will do the same with cocaine, too.

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