Danny Roman Keeps NABA Super Bantam Title in Corona

Danny Roman Keeps NABA Super Bantam Title – Since winning the NABA super bantamweight title Danny Roman seems to be on a quest to prove better things are ahead. On Friday he clearly defeated Enrique Quevedo at Omega International Products in Corona.

Roman (19-2-1, 7 KOs) showed a crowd of more than 1,200 people that even a shock troop like Quevedo (16-8-1, 10 KOs) can’t derail his train. The Los Angeles-based fighter remained sharp as usual in winning by unanimous decision on the Thompson Boxing Promotions card.

Since winning the NABA title over a year ago, Roman seems to have honed his focus to razor-sharp levels as he has cruised past four consecutive opponents. On Friday, despite the constant switching from southpaw to orthodox fight stances, Quevedo just could offer enough disguises to his attack as Roman maneuvered smartly to his left.

The few times Roman moved right Quevedo connected with hard shots to the body. Once Roman figured that out, he took that scoring blow away midway through the 10-round fight. Combination punches were the key for Roman who won 100-90, 97-93, 97-94 according to the judges.

Roman seems clearly on his way toward upper contender status in the super bantamweight rankings. His focus is the key.

Danny Roman Keeps NABA Super Bantam Title – Other bouts

LaRon Mitchell (14-0, 13 KOs) survived a knockdown and out-fought Mexican heavyweight Mario Heredia (14-5, 12 KOs) to win by decision after eight rounds. A Heredia right hand connected hard to send Mitchell to the floor in the third round. After that, Mitchell took the fight inside and seemed to knock the steam out of Heredia.

Back and forth the two heavyweights exchanged blows but Mitchell had more gas in the tank and kept the Mexican heavyweight from landing any more hard blows. All three judges saw it for Mitchell who fights out of San Francisco where he is a school teacher.

It was a big step up in class for Mitchell who faced a heavyweight contender in Heredia. He passed with a high grade in the eight round affair.

Nicaraguan welterweight Roberto “Dinamita” Arriaza (13-0, 10 KOs) struggled against Benjamin “Da Blaxican” Whitaker (11-3, 2 KOs) but won by decision after eight rounds. Arriaza hasn’t looked like the power puncher his record indicates since fighting in the U.S. Whitaker was a crafty counter-puncher and gave Arriaza plenty of problems throughout the fight. If Whitaker was more aggressive he definitely could have won the decision. Two judges scored it 77-75 and another 79-73 for Arriaza.

Scott Alexander (12-1-2, 6 KOs) of Riverside won a technical decision over Mexico’s Sergio Ramirez (11-2, 7 KOs) at 46 seconds of the fifth round in their heavyweight clash. Both fighters bounced heads against each other causing a gash above Ramirez’s head in the fifth round. Alexander won the decision on points 59-54 twice and 58-55.

Michael Norato (4-0) out-fought Mexico’s Eder “El Koreano” Amaro (2-1) after four rounds of a super featherweight contest. Amaro had his moments especially with a quick right hook, but Norato was able to land combinations frequently. All three judges scored it for Norato of Pacoima.

South Central L.A.’s Rudy Garcia (3-0) won a decision over Riverside’s Jorge Perez (2-4) after four rounds of a bantamweight match.

Danny Roman Keeps NABA Super Bantam Title