Boxers Tossing “C” Word Around Too Much Nowadays

Boxers Tossing “C” Word Around – And by “C” word, I mean comeback. You hear the word a lot in boxing these days, and lately it has been even more frequent than usual.

Manny Pacquiao is the latest user of the”C” word, and he hasn’t actually even used it himself yet. We last saw Pacquiao in April of this year when he won a unanimous decision over Timothy Bradley Jr. Promoter Bob Arum is talking a Pacquaio return and this week Pac-Man trainer Freddie Roach floated the idea of a return fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr for the November time frame. We last saw him in April folks, which means his “retirement” lasted about 3 months.

Check out the video “Freddie Roach Talks Manny Pacquiao Return” at The Boxing Channel.

Coming off his big win against Shawn Porter this past June, Keith Thurman has thrown his name into the Pacquaio sweepstakes. Arum is tossing the names of Danny Garcia and Terence Crawford as potential Pacquaio opponents, which are basically re-cycled from the list Arum touted last time when he settled on a third go with Bradley. Someone should tell Bob that Crawford versus Garcia, now there is a fight.


Boxers Tossing “C” Word Around Too Much

In Texas next weekend, a new Maidana hits the ring as Fabian Andres Maidana (9-0), the younger brother of Marcos Maidana, faces Jorge Maysonet (13-1).  Waddling in the wings will be Marcos Maidana who has started talking comeback despite having very noticeably ballooned up in weight after cashing in two big paydays against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

South of the border in Mexico, Antonio Margarito has already started his comeback, though no commission in the United States has taken the leap of issuing him a license. Margarito too will be pushing for one more big payday, with the likes of “Canelo” Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao targeted as potential opponents. Margarito fights Ramon Alvarez on August 13th in Rosarito, Mexico and if his eye does not fall out in that fight, we will get a blast of pro-Margarito hype.

Now two years into his retirement, Juan Manuel Marquez, who turns 43 next month, continues to throw the “c” word around. The name most often heard as an opponent is Miguel Cotto, though nothing has progressed beyond talk. Uniquely, Marquez has stated he does not want a fifth match with Pacquiao, perhaps making him the only guy talking comeback who would not love to try and cash in against the Filipino superstar. No word on whether Marquez plans to re-start the practice of drinking his own urine, either.

Then there is Floyd Mayweather Jr himself. Even for all his drawing power and status, his asking price of $100 million has met with cool silence. But that has not stopped him from tossing out the “c” word and responding to every question about the “c” word thrown at him. Mayweather also has tossed out names like Pacquiao and Danny Garcia for a match where he hopes to go 50-0. When he saw his asking price would not be met, he pursued a Conor McGregor match, hoping to grab the cash with a spectacle and not really a boxing match that was going to be respected. Floyd, by the way, I love the Murcielago.

Boxers Tossing “C” Word Around/ Pictured: A “retired” Manny Pacquiao yawns while playing Senator.