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Adrien Broner Gets 30 Day “Time Out” – When last we saw Adrien Broner, he was ranting and raving on social media about Top Rank’s low offer to fight Manny Pacquiao. For Broner, it was standard fare, as he cursed a lot, talked “about billions.” On Tuesday, July 19th, Broner was scheduled to be in court to answer for charges against him stemming from a January 21st incident outside a bowling alley where he assaulted a guy and took back $14k that he had lost to him in bowling wagers. Unfortunately for Broner, he arrived to court three hours late. “You don’t look well. You look like you have a hangover” said Judge Robert Ruehlman while  sentencing Broner to 30 days in jail for contempt of court.

It is another in a long list of “bonehead” moves for Broner, who continues to be his own worst enemy. In this particular case, the victim of the January assault had dropped the charges back in June, so the case was expected to be dismissed.  All Broner had to do was show up on time and he was likely to go free.

Adrien Broner Gets 30 Day “Time Out”

Broner, who is known as “The Problem” has fought just once this year, and what he did in the ring against Ashley Theophane was by far overshadowed by the circus surrounding him. In that fight, Broner failed to make weight and was stripped of the WBA world title at 140 pounds. He followed the fight, which he won by 9th round TKO, with a short stint in jail for a parole violation.

Broner is turning up in the news more and more often for all the wrong reasons. Toss in the fact that it has been several years since he had any type of standout performance and you have the picture of an athlete spiraling downwards. This stint in jail is unlikely to change much in Broner’s attitude, which has been defiant throughout. Perhaps someone will devise a betting line about which will come first for Broner – his next legal issue or an announcement for his next fight. Stay tuned.

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