Layla McCarter vs Melissa Hernandez in Alabama

Layla McCarter vs Melissa Hernandez – It’s just one person’s opinion but the most skillful fight on the Alabama fight card for the WBC heavyweight title will be the two women clashing for a fourth time.

Layla “Amazing” McCarter (37-13-5, 9 KOs) and Melissa “Huracan” Hernandez (22-6-3, 7 KOs) meet on Saturday, July 16, at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. Fox will televise the Deontay Wilder vs. Chris Arreola fight but not the female clash between two of the best females pound for pound.

But at least it’s a start.

McCarter, 37, and Hernandez, 36, have been among the top female prizefighters in any weight class for at least the last five years. Both have captured world titles from featherweight to super welterweight in places like South Africa, Japan, Panama and Australia.

Check out The Boxing Channel’s pre-fight interview with Layla McCarter.

Las Vegas is the home of McCarter who now spars regularly with Joel Casamayor to prepare for her fights. Before the Cuban master even began working with McCarter she was already one of the most polished fighters in the world. His participation has only added more weapons to her arsenal.

“He shows me things every day,” said McCarter. “I’m still learning things from him in the ring. If I’m careless he can land those choppy uppercuts but only if I’m not watching my balance or distance.”

One of her most impressive wins came in 2012 when she traveled to South Africa to face the taller, heavier and hometown favorite Noni Tenge for the WBA super welterweight title. In a fierce struggle the smaller McCarter connected and knocked out Tenge in the ninth round to grab another world title.

McCarter has not lost a fight since 2007. That loss came to Hernandez.

“I was the last person to beat her and she was the first person to beat me,” said Hernandez, who lives and trains in Miami, Florida. “On this card you’re going to see skilled females fight.”

Hernandez creates a handful for any opponent.

“Melissa has a lot of movement, trickiness, she switches up. She is unorthodox,” said McCarter about Hernandez. “She brings flavor and keeps it interesting. She is spirited and has guts.”

Anyone with the opportunity to see this fight will recognize their technique built after many years fighting in many countries. You seldom see male fighters travel as frequently outside of their own countries, especially world champions.

These girls are fearless.

Thanks to WBC heavyweight titlist Wilder, who fulfilled his promise to Layla to put her on his fight card, the world may get a glimpse of some amazing female talent.

Layla McCarter vs Melissa Hernandez / Photo by Manny Mitts


-Kid Blast :

Layla is one of my favorites. Future Hall of Famer in my Virtual Hall

-deepwater2 :

Layla is one of my favorites. Future Hall of Famer in my Virtual Hall
McC fights like a guy in there. So does Hernandez. A camacho showboating thing also gong for Hernandez. I have to be honest I had a on crush on Hernandez since she used to train at the printing house gym , where I lived and trained also. I trained with Alicia Ashley back in west Hempstead 20 years ago and she is still fighting. These girls are tough and skilled and have their own character and style in there. A joy to watch. I'm not even a fan of female boxing most of the time but these girls are changing my mind.

-Kid Blast :

What is an "on crush on"? Sounds like you left a word out.

-deepwater2 :

Big crush

-Kid Blast :

Big crush