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Deontay Wilder Puts Layla McCarter – After a confusing couple of months WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay “the Bronze Bomber” Wilder unraveled the title mess and is set to defend against Chris Arreola. Despite the chaos, the champion from Alabama remembered an old promise and kept it.

“He asked if I was ready to fight and said he’d like to put me on,” said Layla McCarter, a multi-division world champion based in Las Vegas.

McCarter, who is considered by many the top female prizefighter pound for pound, was added to the fight card that features Wilder against Arreola on July 16, in Birmingham, Alabama. Fox television network will televise.

“When I first met Deontay Wilder at the MGM in Las Vegas,” said McCarter, “he told me that when he was the heavyweight champion of the world that he wanted to have a female champion fighting on his shows. Since then, we have been in touch after he won the title and in the few fights since.” McCarter (37-13-5, 9 KOs) is scheduled to fight Melissa Hernandez (22-6-3).

The very skilled McCarter has been trekking across the globe in search of fights like a modern day Miyamoto Musashi. She’s fought in Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and of course Japan.

“Layla is not afraid to go to other countries,” said Luis Tapia her trainer and manager for many years. “She’s beaten undefeated fighters many times.”

Fearless is a good word to describe the 37-year-old McCarter who spars with skilled men like Joel Casamayor and others.

A few years back, a very large guy who claimed to be a former commando with martial arts training walked into their gym and was told McCarter was a great boxer. He loudly claimed no woman could last a round with him. McCarter begrudgingly put on the gloves and within seconds dropped him with a left hook.  It was captured on YouTube.

In another instance at the Mayweather gym, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was training a female fighter and claimed he would be willing to bet a large sum of money that she could beat any female fighter in town. His son Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he knew who could beat her and summoned McCarter to conquer his father’s fighter. The elder Mayweather realized he made a mistake and backed out of the bet.

Over the years McCarter has become the foremost female prizefighter in the world with her ability to box and move. Lately, she’s been knocking other girls senseless. Three of the last four opponents have been knocked out. She’s found her power.

In her last fight in Mexico City, she met the rugged Yolanda Segura, a fighter who had fought and lasted against former champion Ana Julaton. The Mexican girl opened up with both barrels against McCarter as soon as the opening bell rang. McCarter opened up and down went Segura.

“I wanted to get some rounds in but she came hard,” said McCarter. After a mere 16 seconds a left hook ended the assault quickly.

“Layla has been getting stronger,” said Tapia. “She’s knocking girls out now. Not just beating them.”

Tapia said McCarter and Wilder have trained in the same Las Vegas gym and the heavyweight noticed her skill level.

“You should be on TV,” said Tapia of Wilder’s comments.

McCarter has been lobbying heavily to face Norway’s Cecilia Braekhus who is now promoted by K-2 Promotions. It’s a fight that both females desire.

Tom Loeffler, who manages K-2, said the only thing stopping the fight is the budget. McCarter seeks a healthy payday worthy of a battle of pound for pounders. Right now the monetary limit sought by McCarter is not attainable. But it could be changed quickly with more visibility.

Now with Wilder stepping in as a paladin for female fight equality, things could change.

“He called me a few days ago and said it was a done deal. I’m so grateful to Wilder for seeing the blatant discrimination against women in our sport and recognizing that it was in his power to change it,” said McCarter who is currently in Europe. “In my eyes, he’s changing the world by this first step. Thank you Deontay for being my advocate and champion!”

Like the legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi, the razor sharp McCarter yearns to perfect her craft against the best in the immediate future.

“I’m very excited about fighting on this card,” she said.

Deontay Wilder Puts Layla McCarter

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