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Theaters August 26th – There has been a buzz about Venezuelan filmmaker Jonathan Jakubowicz upcoming movie “Hands of Stone” for some time now in the boxing world. The movie has been given a release date of August 26th, and May 16th will see a special screening of the film at the world- renowned Cannes Film Festival.

The tribute is part of a ceremony dedicated to actor Robert DeNiro, who plays veteran boxing trainer Ray Arcel in the movie. “Hands of Stone,” if you haven’t guessed by now, is about Panama’s legendary champion Roberto Duran. The role of Duran is played by decorated actor Edgar Ramirez, 38 years old and the film is centered around the special relation between Arcel and Duran.

Veteran actor DeNiro was quoted by Variety Magazine “I’m excited to be coming back to Cannes especially with this movie ‘Hands of Stone’ that I’m so proud of. This movie is uplifting, triumphant and a good time for audiences, so I’m looking forward to seeing my friends from across the world of cinema in joining us for this fun event.”

Hollywood power players Bob and Harvey Weinstein, formerly of Miramax Films, have purchased the distribution rights for the film in the United States and plan to release the film in over 2,000 theaters across the United States. This would put the pending release in as many theaters as most major Hollywood releases and raises expectations around the film.

Usher plays the role of Duran arch-rival “Sugar” Ray Leonard and the film also counts on the presence of Hollywood veterans Ruben Blades, John Turturro and Ellen Barkin as well as professional boxers such as John Duddy, who played Duran opponent Ken Buchanan.

The Weinstein Company has released an official teaser and trailer. Check it out:




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