Dominic Wade Promises War for Triple G; Female Stars Guarantee It

Dominic Wade Promises War – If anything Dominic Wade is down for whatever.

While the well-oiled Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin machine rolled into Los Angeles on Thursday amid whispers of a mismatch, let’s pause and think about this.

Boxing has shown many times that anyone can win in a title fight.

Golovkin and Wade met at the Sheraton Hotel for the press conference to discuss the world title clash on Saturday April 23, at the Forum in Inglewood. HBO will televise this and the flyweight world title clash between champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez and McWilliams Arroyo.

“I’m not really much of a big talker…we went for it,” said Wade to the media crush on Thursday as he explained why he’s fighting the much feared Golovkin. “I said f— yeah. Let’s do it.”

When it was first announced that several other middleweights were unwilling to fight Golovkin for the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO middleweight titles, Maryland’s Wade accepted the fight and groans are still being heard around the world.

Guys like Wade are the most dangerous. Here’s why:

J.C. Chavez

Can you remember back in 1994 when Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez, the originator of “Mexican style” was crushing the opposition? Chavez had 89 wins 1 draw and zero losses and he was paired against a little known guy named Frankie Randall.

Groans and boos were heard around the world then too. What happened next should have been stamped on every boxing fan’s mind for eternity as Randall knocked down Chavez and upset the king of the junior welterweights by split decision in Las Vegas.

It’s all about styles.

When Paul Malignaggi was matched against Adrien Broner the world called it a mismatch and vilified anyone who thought otherwise. But when they met in 2013 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, it was anything but a mismatch as Malignaggi came very close to handing Broner his first loss. It ended in a split decision.

Boxing is not won on paper. You still have to enter the ring in shape and hope all the training leads to victory. Nothing is assured.

Golovkin trains as hard for Wade as he did for Canada’s David Lemieux. It’s a major reason that he remains undefeated. But even with hard training nothing is guaranteed in the boxing ring. An off night can result in a major upset as it did when Hasim Rahman knocked out Lennox Lewis.

“I’m very excited this day,” said Golovkin. “See you Saturday.”

Wade was also succinct.

“I’m ready to do it,” said Wade. “Come April 23, it’s going to be a war.”


Nicaragua’s Gonzalez looked very gaunt one day before the weigh-in. His opponent McWilliams Arroyo looked very comfortable. But will he look comfortable when the first bell rings on Saturday with the WBC flyweight world title on the line?

“With good fortune it will be a great fight,” said Gonzalez who looked slightly weak.

Puerto Rico’s Arroyo said when he received the offer to fight Gonzalez it was the moment he had been awaiting.

“I’ve been training very hard,” Arroyo said to the crowd. “This is an opportunity everyone wants to take to be a world champion.”

Female fighters present

Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada of East L.A. met her opponent Selene Lopez in person for the first time. She also said later in the day that fighting someone she has never seen was par for the course in her amateur days.

“I never knew who I was going to fight in the amateurs,” said Estrada.

Coincidentally, the other three girls are familiar with each other. Both Kenia Enriquez and Amaris Quintana fought and defeated Lopez in bouts. Now it’s Estrada’s turn to see how she fares.

Enriquez said that Lopez has a pressure style and knows what to do. Now the fighter from Tijuana faces another pressure fighter in San Diego’s Quintana.

“I expect she has added some different things to her style,” said Enriquez about Quintana.

“Pressure is how to defeat Kenia,” said Quintana who is ranked as a straw weight but moved up for this match up on a major fight card.

“It’s an honor to fight on a Triple G card,” said Quintana. “There’s a lot of exposure.”

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