Can Timothy Bradley Pull Off The Upset Come Saturday?

Here is the outcome everyone already has in the back of their minds. Manny Pacquiao wins his third bout with Timothy Bradley this coming Saturday, April 9th, probably by decision, and he goes on to fight two or three more times.

After all, heading into this weekend´s HBO pay-per-view showdown, the sport books have installed the Pac-man a -230 favorite, with Bradley returning at +190. They fight, Pacquiao wins, business as usual. The line may actually be tighter than the general consensus, which sees most people picking Pacquaio to win again.

Check out The Boxing Channel video “Teddy Atlas Elaborates On His Relation With Timothy Bradley”.

But what if Bradley is able to do the unexpected? More importantly, what if Pacquaio is not the same fighter anymore? The circumstances leading up to this fight for the two fighters appear to be opposite and are worth examining.

Pacquiao is 57-6-2 and he has been one of boxing’s top box office attractions for a decade. In the Philippines, he is the most famous person in the country. He sits in the House of Representatives and there has been talk of a future presidential run if he wins his run for the Senate.  Whether he plays basketball or sings karaoke, it is news and his every step is followed.

In May of 2015 Pacquaio fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in a fight that was easily the biggest box office take in boxing history, and he pocketed eight figures for the fight. He lost by unanimous decision, the fight generally disappointed, and we haven’t seen Pac-man since.

The past eleven months have seen Pacquiao turn 37 years old and have surgery on his right shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff. That is a pretty serious injury for a boxer, even if he is a southpaw. There is a very real question as to whether he will be the same. In one press engagement, his promoter, Bob Arum stated that Pacquiao did not look good in training. Arum has since back-pedaled on that statement, but whether Pacquiao’s shoulder will be the same come April 9th is not known by anyone.

In the build-up to this fight, Pacquiao has been all over the news, and for the wrong reasons. He spoke publicly about homosexual behavior and it caused a furor that has not gone away. The issue now hangs over him at every step because he stood by his comments in subsequent statements.

With the April fight signed, February saw Pacquiao shift his training camp to Los Angeles and the Wild Card Boxing gym. This has been his routine for years, as he normally relocates with a large entourage that is “known” around Los Angeles and its hot spots.

The media outlet TMZ recently reported that Pacquiao went to the L.A shopping mall called “The Grove” to see a movie. Certainly Pacquiao was not inconspicuous as his entourage numbered sixteen people, but Mall officials saw him and banned him from the “The Grove” because of his anti-gay pronouncements.  So much for that afternoon at the movies Pac-man was looking for.

The atmosphere around Tim Bradley is much different.  He is thirty two years old, and he has lost just once in a career that has spanned a dozen years. Currently the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board has him ranked at number four on their pound for pound list. Considering his resume, he may be right when he says he gets no respect.  He is known as an extremely hard worker and as an extremely disciplined fighter. Over-training has been cited as one of the culprits that caused his loss to Pacquiao.

Bradley’s career did appear to grow stale after the second Pacquiao fight. He fought to a lackluster draw with Argentina’s Diego Gabriel Chavez in 2014, and in June of 2015 he won an interim WBO Welterweight belt with a close UD win over Jessie Vargas that did more for Vargas’s reputation than it did for Bradley’s.

Talk in the boxing world was that Bradley was slipping and was not the same anymore. Bradley needed a change and that came by way of his departure from longtime trainer Joel Diaz. Bradley moved on to the camp of long-retired Teddy Atlas and the effects have been noticeable. Atlas is dedicated to Bradley completely, with no other clients. While Pacquiao is definitely a VIP with trainer Freddie Roach at Wild Card, he is part of a factory over there, plain and simple.

Keep in mind it is not important if you are a fan of Teddy Atlas or not. What is important is that he has Bradley’s complete buy-in and he has worked to make Bradley even tougher mentally. The pair appeared together for the first time for the November of 2015 meeting between Bradley and Brandon Rios which Bradley won via a 9th round stoppage. The win was nice, and the pair received very good reviews – Bradley for his excellent performance and Atlas for bringing it out of him.  It was a solid start and definitely had the effect of cleansing Bradley’s memory of his recent rough period, laying a strong foundation between him and Atlas.  Pacquiao still has his last ring experience as the Mayweather bout, and he needs to get that behind him.

Had Bradley taken a loss to anyone other than Pacquiao, it would have crippled his career. Now he has a chance to go up 2-1 in his trilogy with Pacquaio who is most assuredly one of the top three fighters of this era. A win for Bradley would lay a strong foundation for his legacy, and that is something that Bradley does think about. For Pacquiao, a win means the cycle begins all over again, ending with a 747 plane full of hangers-on flying to his next big fight on Manny’s dime, be it in Macao or Vegas. Time is ticking, and Manny will be 38 before the close of 2016.

On April 9th the world will see Pacquiao-Bradley III. Who wins will be decided in the ring, but in the build-up to the fight the real pressure appears to be all on Pacquiao. And when you are an icon to millions, that pressure can get overwhelming.  What if Bradley can turn that into a win this Saturday? Teddy Atlas would tell you he knew it was going to happen all along.

Check out The Boxing Channel video “Paulie Malignaggi Breaks Down Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3”.


-Bernie Campbell :

I've got a great idea! Persuade Pacqiuao to make another statement about homosexual marriage, Bradley runs for the whole fight, and gets a UD.

-Radam G :

I've got a great idea! Persuade Pacqiuao to make another statement about homosexual marriage, Bradley runs for the whole fight, and gets a UD.
I'm with B-Camp. In this day and time of hypocrisy, some journalist is going to persuade Da Manny to say some more stupid syet about the LBGTs before fight time. I don't like this scrap. The corrupted cheaters that be are searching and seeking a reason to rob Da Manny AGAIN! T-Brad will get points for running and lasting the distance! Holla!

-StormCentre :

Hmmmm . . . I smell a PacLossExcuse being prefabricated and created to be used when/if necessary. :) :) :)

-Bernie Campbell :

Who have note has Bradley beat decisevly?

-StormCentre :

Not sure how to define ""who of note"" Bradley has beat. But, from the below list that goes back to when Bradley won his first major and legitimate WBC title in 2008 from Witter . . . You can take your pick. Out of all of them, I think the only one Bradley's officially lost to is Pacquaio.

15) Brandon Rios 14) Jessie Vargas 13) Diego Gabriel Chaves 12) Manny Pacquiao 11) Juan Manuel Marquez 10) Ruslan Provodnikov 9) Manny Pacquiao 8) Joel Casamayor 7) Devon Alexander 6) Luis Carlos Abregu 5) Lamont Peterson 4) Nate Campbell 3) Kendall Holt 2) Edner Cherry 1) Junior Witter

Possibly and/or arguably, numbers . . . . 3, 4, 5, 6 (I think TB moved up and gave away weight), 7, 8, 10 . . . . might deserve a look in. Storm. :) :) :)

-SouthPawFlo :

The Short Answer is "Yes" but I find it hard to believe that Atlas can turn him into a "Different Fighter" in two training camps.. If he uses good movement, throws a quick and accurate Counter Lead Right hand and keep Turning Pacman, Bradley can win... He has had a problem in the past of fighting with his heart and not his head and I think Atlas will help him with that...

-Radam G :

The Short Answer is "Yes" but I find it hard to believe that Atlas can turn him into a "Different Fighter" in two training camps.. If he uses good movement, throws a quick and accurate Counter Lead Right hand and keep Turning Pacman, Bradley can win... He has had a problem in the past of fighting with his heart and not his head and I think Atlas will help him with that...
And that is where you are wrong. The brain in the heart will overtake the brain in the cranium. No way in hell or heaven or any other place but in Sin City that T-Brad can gets a gift win over Da Manny. Da Manny whups dat arse 10 out of 10 times any where but in corrupted-@$$ Sin City. Da Manny should had never fought in Sin City again. B-Camp will tell you that. I do not feel good about this scrap. Imma stay Cali and watch it from my favorite casino down in Lakeside on the Native American Reservation of Barona. Holla!

-StormCentre :

Yep, pretty much spot on SPF. Tim needs to *work the jab (even use it as a ELA) and *control the *distance' with PacJuice. Then when Pac rushes in . . . TB should - not panic and fight Pac's fight - but instead (again) fight long, and use any of the above left/lead hand techniques (including rue ==) to do si. Then . . . When Pac get tired (and long for more PEDS? {sorry Queens, I was just ""dis, dat, an da turd"", mucking round}) Tim need ta start dropping da long right crosses n wicked hook in on dat PacCat; all as Bradley spins off - Cuba, amateur boxing style baby (because it works) - to SaltWaterJesus' right Singing (the Village people's" "In The Gay Navy"" . And, if dat's done correctly den . . . . .Den . . neither Pac knaw Roach will be able to do nuffin bout that. And dats because Oac can't box. He can only fight. Bradley's problem seems to be fighting to a gameplay. I have no doubt he has the skills to be a more technical fighter; he showed us that with both Peterson and Alexander. But Bradley's problems (related to poor game-plan adherence) at this level and also with Pac, all seem to - at least in my troubled, tortured, and inconsistent
Storm opinion - stem from Tim's concerns about how the fight "looks" and how he still has not yet to adequately deal with superior speed and the championship level. But then, that's no crime as;

A) Pac is still a great, great, fighter.

And, thats; A1) Even aside from the fact that all his Amayyzzing streaks of wins - through all those weights - now all appear to be so obviously tainted, by - if nothing else - all the PacQueen's strangely quiet inabilities to answer the hard questions about Pac; without venturing off subject and also misdirecting/digressing matters such that it morphs into a giggling puppy style FloydHate rants/rave.] A2) Discarding his obvious and significant dislike for stringent PED testing routines.[/INDENT B) Top calibre and superior speed is a hard thing to adjust to; even if it's not coming at you from the reverse (Lefty) angle.

Now whether or not it is a crime is all well and good. But, even if it is not a crime (and
Storm don't say it necessarily is one) the fact still remains that . . . . Me thinks that very few sane and non-pretending people here in this forum (including those that may, right now, be busily toiling away in the Roaring Donkey's shed/behind, as they mine at the coalface and continue working on and "brewing up (a potion?) . . . Yet, another, ready made PacLossExcuse. Just incase Bradley wins; or even looks good losing. Which, just as much as it would because of the, it would also further reinforce; the fact that Floyd won. And in doing so proved everyone wrong. God I love this sport and website. An . . . as fa as dat go . . . . ""Well done Dino and M1. I mean, where else can you banter on about the world's best sport, and also have this many laughs""? And for that . . ere is dis . . . .

Please be sure to let it play all the way through, as this ting have a wicked baseline and beat. Rock on boxing lovers. And, remember . . . just incase use think I suck and speek shite . . . . Then please let me both have it and also know (DoubleWorldChampionFastPunchingWaterMelonSeed) why. Cause I love (and can take) it !!!!!!
Storm. :) :) :)

-StormCentre :

The Short Answer is "Yes" but I find it hard to believe that Atlas can turn him into a "Different Fighter" in two training camps.. If he uses good movement, throws a quick and accurate Counter Lead Right hand and keep Turning Pacman, Bradley can win... He has had a problem in the past of fighting with his heart and not his head and I think Atlas will help him with that...
Yep, pretty much spot on SPF. Tim needs ta *work da jab (maybe even use it as a ELA) and *control da *distance with PacJuice. Den weneva brother Pac rush in . . . . An - lets face it - imm allsways pwredictably does . . . . . . Den . . . . TB should - not just panic "n" fight Pac's fight . . . Bwut instead . . . . . . . Bwadley should (again continue to) fight long, an awlso use any of da above left/lead hand techniques (including the ELA) to do sew. Dat, wright dere wild be wicked if Brad does dat. Den . . . When Pac get tired (and long for more PEDS? {sorry Queens, I was just ""dis, dat, an da turd"", mucking round} or an Ariza "milkshake") . . Tim den need ta step it up an win it awl start dwropping da long right crosses n wicked hooks in on dat PacCat. Nan, dis (should) all appen as . . . . . . awl as Bradley (not backup in a srtyait line like most sucka catchweight cats Pac {starve and} fight - bwut stead, "Xecute" a wicked) spin off . . . . Cuba, amateur boxing style baby (because it works) two SaltWaterJesus' right as im wrush in . . . . All as Tim sing (the Village people's) "In The Gay Navy"" . OK, faggott about the last part. Dat won happen. But da rest - cludin dat wicked Cuban spinoff deal - might, could, and should happen. Father more . . . if dat's wall done cowewctly den . . . . .Den . . neither Pac knaw CoachRoach will eva bees able to do nuffin bout it. Seriously !!!! Eyes no bout dis stuff.

Eyes am real an will keep tit dat way. Life's too short fa fakers and pweetendaaz. Nope . . . dats not for (1 x 2 = Double) me (Word Champagne).

An, ere's da real, reel, reasonality of it awl . . .

And dis not (jwust) cos Pac's a (real) sucker 4 (all) dat (dis, dat an da third) stuff bout is (proper-weight)Opponent keepin dwistance, fighting long, and twisten off afta combos. . .

Witch(Dockta?), sedently, is why (pweevioushly) Pac(****)Roach alway loowk ta limet Pac's puppet-opponents mobility by usen dem sneaky catchwaits and dirty PEDs.

Twooff of da matta whizz . . . . whoops I mean (ta say) da truth of da matter is . . "ashley" (actually??) . . . because amowngst all da PacHysteria, most Queens (ether didn't nose and/war) faggot ta notice da hiarlarioz fact dat . . . . . Well . . . ya know dat Pac . . . Well . . . . Twooff of da matter whizz he Ashley can't technicality box.
Imm can only fight. An - of curse - eat dogs. Imm do dat wheel good too !!! An, as far as dat (""
imm can only fight"") goes . . . . Imm do it wheely well. But . . . . an ear is da real (real) kicka . . . . Frighten aint boxen. Nope, fighting aint boxing. An dis ear is orslo why da Manny alwaz look 4 dat un-feral advantageous wiv da PEDs "n" udder trickey (snatch)weight stipulations. Im fact, wen it cum to Pac (nwot boxen, but instweed jus) fighting . . . . . Imm do dat wheely well.

Speeshley (who is prolly a re-nation or relation to da aforementioned "Ashley") wen da Pac as; been let loose on da PEDs for a few months, [ii] been wowlowed ta eat stray dwogs, and speeshley [iii] wen da Manny hasbeen azzvised dat is challenge(r) as add two not wheat and/or twain wheel well dew too snatch weights. An Xtar-spechelly when da Manny as hav a fue of dose muscle flexing photos taken of imm at Fwreddies Jim. Cwause wets face it; dats wheely wen week alls wheely know dat PacCat is ready to rumble n roll.

OK, now datt weeah back in da real real (wear wee neva makes stuff ups), an know dat wee have exit-holed da (oft self dewlusional) Donkey sprit world. . . . . Bwadley's problems at da championship lev-well - an wen in aGangsta tier one ponents (whom Pac cwertainly constituted, and mayPac still constitute) - seams to be fwighting to a set gameplain an awllso is own boxing "sedated" . . whoops, eyes mean "related" . . . strengths. An, ya sea . . . cwause I knows evewee signal ioWta of da boxing game . . . . . eyes awallsoz nose dat dis is largely dew to da fact dat both;

1) Tim feel he as not got da WreckCognition imm deserve. 2) Imm awlso know (an has prolly awwlsew seen wiv izz oan eyez) wat happen to all da big paydays wen an "iff" da Bobfatha Arum feewls is stayble is (not just winning, but possibly also) wrebelling gainst da machine; by - heeeaven farbid - fytrz fighten in ways dat they them-elves Ashley wanna fight.

Personality, I have seen Bwradley twurn in some really weemarkable ****-pwlays of boxing (Marquez, Peterson, Witter, perhaps Pac, but also definitely Alexander two); so eyes hav no douwbt dat Tim as da skwills ta be a moore technically proficient fytr. An . . . use can awl take it frum meez . . . . dats "fo" reeel, reel . . . an eye aint making stuff up . . . . So dat's set in (Puff daddy) stoned now. Butt .. . has stated above . . . TB as wheely awlwreeedy showed us all dis anywaz . . . wiv jus Peterson, Holt, Witter, an also Alexander. As most of dem boxing performances were pretty spot on. Dat said . . .
Storm (whether troubled, tortured, truthful, being naughty, or even otherwise) finks dat (da?) sum of Bradley's problems - speeshely dose lated to is title fights and/or is seemingly pour game-planz adhere-ance at dis (top) leval an walso wen in wiv (da fast handed watermelon seed sucking?) PacFraud . . . . . Well . . . . in dat case . . . wiv dose instamatic-problematics . . .

. . . an dis speeshley goes if we all jus chilaxxin, clicking in, getting down, an all jus keeping it Snoop-Doggy-Dog-Dog wheel . . an if we iz awlso keeping it Snoop-Doggy-Dog-Dog neva making stuff up wheel, two . .

Well . . doze (AdrienBroner?) problems . . . well dey awl seem to - at yeast in my twoubled, twortured, and TwInconsistent
Stormy opinion . . . . . . Dey awl seems ta stemz from Tim's inna demons an Koncerns bout how E an da fight "looks" . . . . owe . . an also from koncernz azz how E still is not yet qwite adequately able ta deal wiv superior speed at da (real; not fake DoubleWorld) championship level. An dats Weather ors nots it cum from a Lefty stance ors knot. Dats my up-onion anywyz. Fake it or feel it. I mean twake it or leave it. :)

But den, even if u does eleKt ta takes it . . . . Dats den still no (big mafia hit man) cwrime is it? As den u stil hav da flowing "da real real" conn-cider-rations;

A) Use stilz have da fact dat Pac is sytill a great, great, fighter.

And, dat;

A1) Even aside from da fact dat awall Packs Amayyzzing swtreaks of wins - use know da wons . . . few all those (catch and udder) weights - well . . . . . wright nows day now all appeah ta be sew boviously tainted, by - if muffin else den - all da PacQueen's (strangely quiet) inabilities to answer da hard qwestions bout da Pac; widout, at sum point of da game, jus spitting da dummy, throwing the GPS outta da window, an venturing why?-ide off subject - whilst awelso misdirecting/digressing way from da real-real Snoop-Doggy-Dog-Dog matters . . . .

Such dat it alway morph in2 a wicked an giggling little puppy style FloydHate rant/rave.

A2) Awlso discard (did someone say blackmarket carding?) is bobvious and swig-nificant pisst-like for stringent PED testing routines.

An wheel awl no . . . PacPED just brutally hate on dose PED tests. An ta stantiate dat TrueBlueView jus lwook at (HBO)Hauser much im let da 1st MayPac slide . . . . wrather dan take on dem pesky PEDtwests. Dats a lotta MayPac1 cash just sliding bye. Bye by millions . . . . sorry no PEDtwest for me. An member . . . Dats da same cash SaltWaterJesusPacFizz izz now screaming att . . . . to get in da re-snatch . . . whoops . . i meanz rematch

B) Top calibre and superior (sp)weed is a hard fink to add-just two; even if tis knott coming at you from da reverse (Lefty) angle.

Now wheva nor knot dis izz awl a crime aww knott is all wheel and gwood. But, evens if it is knott a crimes (and
Storm don't say it necessarily is one) den da fact still remain . . . dat . . . . Me finks dat very few sane and non-pretending pweeple - an sum of em R wright ear in dis wickud forum . . . . . "

"cluding dose dat may, wright now, be busily twoiling away in da wRoaring Dwonkey's shed an/oar da MannysAnatomical "behind" . . . as day fwrantically mine at da DonkeyCoalFecesFace an tinue jus working on an awlso "brewing up {a potion?}) . . . yet, BroAnother, wready made PacLossExcuse"

" Wood knott say dat points "A" an "B" ahh knot, in Subway, a liability four TB.

Coz iff day do say dat den wat happen iff Bradley win; oar even iff imm look good loozing? Which - jus as much as it wood pozzibly be becoz of, it would also further reinforce - da fact dat Floyd obzeeUsly won and did so doin it izz moan way. An in doing so imm prove everyWon wrwong. So weez canned awl seas dat . . . wiv all dese ear con-cider-nations (or ""considerations"") . . . weez awl cum fool-sweerve-cill (or ""full-circle"") . . . on dis. Anywazz - if it appen - dat izz infinitely how imm gunna beat Pac. God I love this sport and website. An . . . stEven as fa as dat "con-cider-nation" go . . . . ""Well done Dino and M1 . . . . I mean, where else can you banter on about the world's best sport, and also have this many laughs""? And for dat whicked fava . . ere is dis won from mee. . . .
Please be ensure to let it playz all da way through . . As dis ting have wicked baseline and beat. Rock on boxing lovers. And, remember . . . just incase use think I suck and speek shite . . . . Please let me both av it an awlso know (DoubleWorldChampionFastPunchingWaterMelonSeed) why. Cause I love (and can take) it !!!!!!
Storm. :) :) :)

-Chris L :

Who have note has Bradley beat decisevly?
Can't tell if this is a serious comment. Yes Bradley can win; like others have pointed out I think that if he stays focused the whole fight there's a good chance he can do it. He was injured early (can't remember the injury) in Pac-Bradley 2, so maybe, just maybe, that fight wasn't a true reflection of how well he can handle Pacquiao. I think Pacquiao will probably have too much again, but it would be good if Bradley wins decisively, he deserves the credit that would come from the win.

-amayseng :

Bradley is an A class fighter. Just think Pac has his number