Amidst The Hoopla, Broner Stops Theophane

Last night at the D.C. Armory in a fight that aired on Spike TV, Adrien “The Problem” Broner faced Ashley Theophane. After a week where Broner made the news for all the wrong reasons, it was good to finally see the two get down to business.

The first round was a relatively even round, with Theophane and Broner both winning it with at least one judge. Theophane was not as aggressive as he had promised, and Broner looked bigger, stronger and faster. Broner used those advantages to win the early rounds, but Theophane was holding his own.

The fifth round saw Broner tire a bit and Theophane started to work the body better, moving in and out with his awkward style. The fifth round went to Theophane with one of the judges, and round 6 and 7 went to Theophane on two of the judges scorecards.

Theophane appeared to be closing the gap and he was now pressuring what appeared to be a tiring Broner.

Round eight saw Broner come out with renewed aggression as he caught Theophane with several good shots that stopped Theophane’s forward progress. Entering round nine, Theophane was still hurt and Broner had him back pedaling again as he went in for the kill. Broner was throwing a lot of sloppy punches, but Theophane was playing defense and backing away. Broner closed the distance again and landed an overhand right. The referee then stopped the fight with Theophane still on his feet. Theophane protested the stoppage, but his protests were moot as Adrien Broner was declared the winner by TKO at the 1:10 mark of round 9.

Overall it was not the impressive performance that Broner would have hoped for. The promotion released a total attendance of 8172 people in the building, announcing it as a sell out. Much more to come on this event here at The Sweet Science.

Check out The Boxing Channel’s review of the show featuring former WBC World Light Heavyweight champion Montell Griffin, who attended the fights live. Check it out.


-Kid Blast :

This AB makes me want to vomit

-StormCentre :

I wonder what kind of weight advantage Broner had on the night? And I wonder how the gun/legal saga will now play out. Apparently - or so the story went - Broner was to surrender himself to authorities after the fight. :) :) :)

-Kid Blast :

He looked bloated and fat. His muscle tone was terrible as well. Hardly a diet of cornflakes and water. More like wings and brew.

-StormCentre :

Hmm interesting.. Earlier today I read ""Broner-Theophane: April Fools Day in Washington DC (Written by Thomas Hauser)"" . . .


. . Which itself appears to have not made it into the forums yet - over a nice Lavazzo cappuccino, courtesy of the local caf? down the road from my house.

If I can, I always try to start Sundays with an orange juice, the above coffee, and also a freshly toasted Turkish bread lavished with a Spanish omelette. When not on holidays; it's the only day I eat a cooked breakfast - so I make it count. This is not to say I don't appreciate the opinions and thoughts of those that drink tea. Or those that prefer their eggs scrambled. *Or those that point to other's - real or imagined - indiscretions as a means to explain their own

Anyway, within said Hauser article Hauser claims the following . . .

Broner only weighed in at 140.1 pounds, for the 140 pound title.

So - on the face of it, and without knowing precisely what it was that Adrien ballooned out to on fight night - there appears to be little advantage there.

Excerpt 1 from said Hauser article . . .

Hauser states; ""Recently, I wrote a five-part series about Al Haymon that was published on the The Ring Online. After Part One was posted, I was criticized for not stating in the article that I’m a consultant to HBO Sports, and “The Ring” was criticized for not stating that it’s owned by Golden Boy Promotions (which is in litigation with Haymon). In response - and given the content of the series - I requested that my relationship with HBO be added at the end of each part. But shouldn’t there be consistency on this issue? In other words, if someone believes that it was incumbent upon me to state that I’m a consultant to HBO Sports (which I’ve done in the past and which is a matter of public record), do they also think that PBC should preface its telecasts with the disclaimer, “This show is a time buy. The time has been purchased by corporate entities controlled by Al Haymon, and Mr. Haymon has substantial control over its content.” And similarly, where relevant, should the commentators on PBC shows tell the viewing public, “We just want to make sure our listeners understand that Al Haymon has chosen us as commentators and is paying our salary.” Just asking.""

Interesting. Aside from what's said *above about this . . . I'm not entirely sure the (PBC, Haymon, promoter V boxing writer) comparison or explanation Hauser provides, is really applicable here. I mean, it's not like PBC/Haymon have - under the veil and/or impression of being an independent publishing agent - both, savagely chopped into various controversial subjects/identities and also performed the same "kind" of (at times, cloak and dagger) editorial services (exhibiting the traits of a hired gun) in quite the same manner, and also across the same boxing spectrum . . . Quite as Hauser has. And that's even if we discount, both;

a) All the oversights and absent explanations related to Hauser's "'gun for hire'" . . . . "Can Boxing Trust USADA" piece.
b) The obvious agenda of Hauser's above-mentioned "Can Boxing Trust USADA" piece.

For now, I will refrain from direct comment on the pieces - that were published in the "The Ring Online" - to which Tom's above comments directly refer, and simply say that, in my opinion, Hauser has the ability and experience to be an exceptional writer; when he chooses. Time for some humor . . . . .

Excerpt 2 from said Hauser article . . .

Hauser states; ""The DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission is not known for competence.""

Lovely line, and hard to argue with that.

Excerpt 3 from said Hauser article . . .

Hauser states; ""One of the reasons that boxing all but disappeared from network television was that advertisers didn‘t want their products associated in the public mind with Don King and Mike Tyson.
Broner won’t bring the advertisers back. It might be added that Adrien blowing off making weight gives the impression that PBC can’t control one of its flagship fighters.""

Yep, no argument from me on that on either. Broner does however . . . provide a great source of entertainment and humor. Albeit some of it probably unintended. And in that sense, perhaps, therein lies some similarity to both the above-mentioned "Can Boxing Trust USADA" piece, and also the *above-mentioned Hauser provided explanations.

Storm. :) :) :)

-Kid Blast :

well said Storm Hauser has a vendetta going re anything to do with Haymon, Mayweather, AB, etc. His entire thrust is all about pointing the finger at other people and accusing them of unproven wrongdoing. The act has gotten sour, stale and very , very predictable.

-Kid Blast :

And that will be my last post on TSS for a bit. Adios amigos.