Broner versus Theophane Press Conference This Afternoon

The official press conference for this Friday night’s Adrien Broner versus Ashley Theophane WBA “Super World” Super Lightweight title fight set to air on Spike TV went down this afternoon without much of a hitch.

Broner has pending felony robbery and assault charges awaiting him in his hometown of Cincinnati when he returns after the fight, but the Ohio authorities have decided to not intervene with Friday’s event.

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For his part, Broner sat front and center during the early proceedings, his charcoal sweatsuit trimmed in lime green. Theophane appeared in dark spectacles and with a suit and tie. Broner seemed animated and he spent a good part of his time playing on his cell phone. Theophane sat stoic, with hands crossed.

Promoter Leonard Ellerbe introduced Theophane, who gave the typical speech about being prepared and going to war this week. He challenged Broner to back up his words and stop him within four rounds. “If he can.” He ended his speech with the popular “AND THE NEW” and walked off. Theophane did not mention any of Broner’s pending legal issues.

When Broner hit the mic, he likewise avoided the elephant in the room of the pending charges, stating “I wasn’t even going to come to this bull s**t. My Job is done, what are there, like 10 tickets left? My job is done.” He expressed that he was in his routine and ready for the weigh-ins Thursday. As for Theophane, he said “I will see him on Friday”, ending the speech by promising to put on a show.

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After he spoke, he returned to his chair and Broner then engaged in a back and forth with Ellerbe regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr, who was described as “in transit” heading towards the event.

If any fireworks were expected none were to be had, and there was no sign of any authorities. The face off was tame, as both men jawed a bit at each other. When they turned to face the crowd Broner shadow boxed and talked with the photographers up front.

The fights are Friday on SpikeTV where we will finally get a chance to see Broner fight.

Check out The Boxing Channel’s review of the show featuring former WBC World Light Heavyweight champion Montell Griffin, who attended the fights live.


-Bernie Campbell :

Boxing needs more guys like Broner! He doesnt give a sh..! Except when on the internet and poses on the Throne! Rock on Adrien!

-StormCentre :

Yep, there's room for a few more idiots (in boxing) that's for sure. So long as they make us laugh and get us talking. And, Broner certainly does that. :) :)

-Gabrielito :

Adrian Broner may or may not be in big trouble over his most recent arrest, but there is definitely big trouble ahead for the kid. He seems to have no concept of cause and effect.