David Haye Schedules Return May 21st

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The management of British Heavyweight David Haye (27-2) has booked London's O2 Arena on May 21st for Haye's second comeback fight. The frontrunner to face Haye is rumored to be 29-0 Arnold Gjergjaj of Switzerland. SB Nation is reporting that Haye will announce his opponent on Wednesday, March 29th.

PIC: A promotional poster for the potential event is already floating around on social media. 

Haye returned to the ring this past January, scoring a first round knockout of Mark de Mori (30-1-2) in his first fight in more than three years. Haye held world titles at Cruiserweight and Heavyweight before retiring after his July of 2012 knockout of Dereck Chisora. Though he made a lot of noise with his comeback, his plan to net a big fight right away went by the wayside and he settled for de Mori, a fighter who is not on Haye's level. Haye received wide criticism for his choice in opponent both before and after the fight. Expect more if Gjergjaj  is his final choice.

Much was made in recent weeks about American Heavyweight Shannon Briggs visiting England. During his tour, which amounted to nothing more than Briggs usual media whirlwind, the 44 year old American showed up at Haye's gym lobbying for a match. Later, Briggs was seen hanging around with promoter Eddie Hearn and he was still pushing for a fight with Haye. Hearn could still be planning to use Briggs in England, but if these rumors about Gjergjaj are true Briggs may wind up fighting in England with someone other than Haye.

If Gjergjaj is the opponent for Haye's May 21 gig, then the “Hayemaker” is just looking for a win and a paycheck. Despite his perfect record of 29-0 with 21 knockouts, Gjergjaj is a complete unknown when it comes to world level boxing. He won the EBU title in June of 2015 with a unanimous decision over journeyman Denis Bakhtov (39-10), his most well known opponent. Gjergjaj fought in Hungary in November of 2011, and that is the only fight he has had outside of Switzerland. Needless to say David Haye at the O2 Arena in London is a step up in every way for him.





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Haye is fighting Gejergjag and I've no problem with that. They guy's been out of the ring 4 years and needs 3 or 4 fights and a few rounds before inevitably taking a big fight. As long as he stays busy and is shedding rust I can't complain at a few soft touches at this stage. Joshua vs Haye is the big fight that will happen if both keep winning and stay injury-free.