Springs Toledo’s IN THE CHEAP SEATS Available Now

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(Tora, hardcover, 230 pages; $24.99)

Foreword by Jim Lampley

Now available at Amazon and Amazon.co.uk

In his latest collection of award-winning boxing essays, Springs Toledo takes a hard look at the hardest game from a seat next to yours. Where the widely-acclaimed THE GODS OF WAR (Tora, 2014) zoomed in at the greatness of the golden era, IN THE CHEAP SEATS zooms out for a panoramic view of the wild world of boxing: the true champions and contenders, the stumblebums trying to make a buck inside of six rounds, the fans who swear by it and sometimes swear at it, and the rich assortment of characters that inevitably gather around the ring. Whether you’re a purist or a critic, a casual fan or a toe dipper, Toledo proves to be the perfect companion at the fights.

“Author Springs Toledo is brilliant. Change that. He is an absolute genius. He is Rembrandt with the written word.” —RANDY GORDON, former editor-in-chief of THE RING magazine, TV commentator, and New York State Athletic Commissioner; host of Sirius XM's “At The Fights.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Springs Toledo is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), International Boxing Research Organization, International Boxing Hall of Fame Committee, Ring 4 Veteran Boxers’ Association, and a founding member of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. His work has won over twenty BWAA writing awards since 2010 and has been featured on NPR’s “Here & Now.”




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-miguel1 :

Obviously a great job from one of The Sweet Science's own! I have to say this, I'm a pretty big reader, and generally boxing books and writings dont reach the level of literature and word craft that takes it to the next level. Springs does that. Really, reading "Gods of War" I remember thinking that not since Norman Mailer wrote "The Fight" has anyone given the sport that type of treatment. Kudos.

-Radam G :

Just the title of the book sounds powerful. I never thought that cheap seats could be so prominent. Give it up to the arch-masterful S-To. He bangs out unique masterpiece after unique masterpiece. Holla!