Can The Suspension of Roy Englebrecht Endanger the GGG Card at the Forum?

By David A. Avila

California-based promoter Roy Englebrecht and prizefighter Zab Judah were suspended on suspicion of falsifying documents by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Friday. It also resulted in the cancellation of a Las Vegas fight card.

Could the Gennady Golovkin fight card on April 23, at the Forum in Inglewood also be in danger?

The answer is no.

Though Englebrecht assists K-2 Promotions in their fight cards, he is not the promoter of record, said Tom Loeffler director of K-2.

“We would always get our own license for where we do shows,” said Loeffler.

But Englebrecht and Judah remain suspended in Nevada.

”They (Judah and Englebrecht) were suspended for false representation of documents,” said NSAC’s Bob Bennett the Executive Director. “We suspended both for 10 days.” (Editor’s Note: According to published news reports, Judah is accused of having lied on his license application form when he declared there were no financial liens against him when, in actuality, he owed back child support.)

NSAC’s Bennett said a Saturday fight card on March 12, that included Judah as the main event at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, was unable to be saved after the suspension of both Englebrecht and Judah. A hearing is planned on March 23, in Las Vegas at the Grant Sawyer State Building at 9 a.m.

“I spent most of the time with my staff to find a way to save this show,” said Bennett by telephone on Friday. “There are 10 other fighters that we needed to consider.”

Bennett said after much deliberation it was decided to cancel the show that was scheduled to be televised on CBS Sports Network.

Englebrecht has a promoter’s license in Nevada and California. He was the promoter of record for the fight card at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and also promotes regular fight cards in California.

Andy Foster, Executive Office for the California State Athletic Commission, said that no decision has been made by California regarding Englebrecht.

“We want to look at the facts first and see what happens on March 23,” said Foster.

Attempts to reach Englebrecht on Friday were unsuccessful.



-amayseng :

I'm confused. Have I subconsciously traveled back in time, or is this article misplaced into the future(present)?

-amayseng :

I'm confused. Have I subconsciously traveled back in time, or is this article misplaced into the future(present)?

-ArneK. :

I'm as confused as you, amayseng. This story by David Avila is nearly a year old. I have no clue how it flew out of the archives and moved up so high on the calendar. Very curious.