Womens Boxing Tonight: Matthysse vs Mrdjenovich 2

Matthysse vs Mrdjenovich 2 – Womens Boxing Odds, WBC and WBA World Female Featherweight Champion Edith Soledad Matthysse of Argentina travels North to Canada to defend her titles against Jelena Mrdjenovich.

The match is intriguing on several levels, as it really showcases the international nature of women’s boxing as we progress into the 21st century.

First of all, the match is a rematch, as the pair met in August in a unification bout that saw Mrdjenovich travel to Argentina with her WBC belt to face Matthysse, the WBA champion. That bout saw Matthysse win a close unanimous decision, with the judges giving her the fight via scores of 97-93, 98-92 and 96-94.

Matthysse (14-7-1) now travels to Canada to offer her rival the rematch. Matthysse has come up in Argentina’s tough proving grounds, as her home country is one of the leading proponents of the female side of the sport. She has pedigree, as she is the sister of Lucas Martin Matthysse and she has big international names such as Mexico’s Yazmin Rivas and Jackie Nava on her resume.

As for Mrdjenovich, she has a strong record of 35 wins, 10 losses and 1 draw and she has held recognized world titles in two weight classes. Overall, the 33 year old Canadian has been on the world title scene in women’s fighting for the last ten years, and she too has a resume dotted with big names. She went 1-2 in a rivalry with Layla McCarter, fought and beat Mia St John back in the day and is adding this new rivalry with Matthysse to her story.

Though the sport books do not often carry odds for women’s boxing, this fight is getting attention at some of the books, and with a very competitive line. This fight is set for 10 rounds of 2 minutes, as is all women’s professional boxing competition, and the Matthysse vs Mrdjenovich rematch has the over/under set at 8 1/2. Check the detailed numbers below.

Womens Boxing Odds

Featherweight 10 rounds –
Edith Soledad Matthysse +180 o8½ -485
Jelena Mrdjenovich -220 u8½ +350


Check out The Boxing Channel’s video report from the weigh-ins.


-StormCentre :

BC . . . . Are you going to allow this to happen? After all we don't even know if these girlies know how to cook toast or properly stripe lawn, yet. :) :)

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Honey, its Friday, the shoes gotta be shined!

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Honey, its Friday, the shoes gotta be shined!
Be nice, B-Camp! I've arrived on the mainland USA in Cali. And it is Sabado. Get some vitamins and minerals and take them. And tell the crooked Nevada boxing commission don't prevent Da Manny from drinking vitamin water again. He couldn't V drink water, but Lil Floyd could do all type of IV injections of masking syet. Holla!

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Honey, its Friday, the shoes gotta be shined!
Wicked stuff. That's my man right there; BC. :) :)