Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko Not Happening?!?

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko – Several hours ago, Tyson Fury, the holder of multiple world heavyweight titles, sent out a message via Twitter that is sure to get the speculation flowing.





Fury defeated long-time heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko last November, and Klitschko almost immediately invoked his re-match clause. Since then, the common thinking has been that the bout will happen sometime in the April or May time frame, but there has been little word from the Klitschko camp in recent weeks.

The list of opponents who qualify for a “massive” fight is short, and this could always be a bit of showmanship and rhetoric from the bombastic Fury, but the thought of Klitschko stepping aside means that Fury, the lineal heavyweight champion, would be free to look for another opponent and big money.

The mercurial Fury was recently in the news and in social media touting a possible retirement and a lack of motivation.  Some of that might stem from a lack of progress in negotiations and coming to a final deal with Klitschko.

The “TBA very soon” part of the Tweet leaves open the chance that a concrete announcement is in the works.

With WBC titleholder Deontay Wilder negotiating a match with mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin, he would seem to be ruled out as an opponent.  Povetkin recently stated in the media he felt the two parties would come to an agreement before the fight was sent to a purse bid.

The boxing world awaits the next word from Tyson Fury.


Check out this video about the heavyweight division at The Boxing Channel



-Radam G :

The news may be about the Arab princes getting Tyson and Doc Wlad to dance in one of the Amirates for a mountain of dough and other accommodations. Holla!

-miguel1 :

The tweet certainly hints at a different opponent. Better not be a Lennox Lewis surprise lol....

-miguel1 :

Vitali to Wlad "The people think you are boring. You are going to have to step aside". Wlad "Vitali, do you think Im boring?". Vitali "I dont know, I try not to watch your fights". Just some creative writing for the fun....

-Bernie Campbell :

This is called an eye catcher in journalism......Usually B.S. If you know boxing you know Voldymyr took a dive! Maybe his government, maybe his brother, and maybe his wife! Which I do think is a crock! Klitschko even at 40 can beat any heavyweight from here to kingdom come! Ive got a better headline than this article, Golokvin retires!