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WBC Women’s Convention Full Swing in Tijuana – The World Boxing Council’s 2nd annual convention on Women’s Boxing is in session this week in Tijuana, Mexico.

Several topics are up for discussion. The foremost topic on everybody’s mind is the idea of stronger marketing campaigns and how to achieve increased fighter pay.  The fact is, that the last fifteen years have seen an explosion in the number of women competing in “The Sweet Science”.  For the first time in boxing history, the women have progressed beyond being a sideshow or an isolated event.  There is real competition going on all over the world in multiple weight classes.  Argentina and Mexico have many high level competitors in a vibrant Latin American scene where the women compete just as hard as the men.  Europe potentially has the most advanced fighters, with Cecilia Braekhus and Delfine Persoon topping the list.  Japan and the Asia-Pacific area have a stranglehold on the world titles in the lower women’s weight classes.

One close convention observer noted: “The level the women have taken the sport to is way ahead  of the media attention or marketing it gets. There is a real sport with real competition there if the public would bother to look.”

As world-class competitor Maureen Shea said in an interview “it is happening in the UFC, why not in women’s boxing?”.

Another topic that will be discussed is the use of two-minute rounds in the women’s matches. The thought of going to three-minute rounds like the men has a lot of support, however some consider the two-minute rounds make for a more interesting fight.

The convention will also spend a good period of time handing out honors and awards, including the 2015 Fighter and Fight of the Year, which were voted on by fans on the WBC’s website dedicated to women’s boxing.

Already, Alicia Ashley was recognized by the world renowned Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest female boxer to win a major boxing title. Ashley last fought on October 29th of 2015 where she won the vacant WBC World Female Super Bantamweight title by defeating Ireland’s then unbeaten Christina McMahon.

Check out the Boxing Channel’s video conversations with WBC Official Malte Mueller and women’s competitor Maureen Shea interviewed live at the convention.  The Boxing Channel and The Sweet Science will have coverage all week from Tijuana.




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