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Garcia vs Guerrero – This past Saturday night, the Premier Boxing Champions aired on FOX and FOX Deportes, and early reports are that more than 2 million viewers tuned in for the main event featuring Danny Garcia vs Robert Guerrero.

Afterwards, the official scorecard was photographed and distributed, and appears above.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, and even in the press since, Robert Guerrero and his crew remain convinced they won the fight.

Guerrero fought a good fight, and he looked like a rejuvenated fighter who was much sharper and more focused than in recent outings. In the end most viewers held a similar opinion, that Guerrero had kept the fight close early, but that Garcia had established himself in the later rounds and won the fight.  A review of the official scorecard seems to uphold the general concensus.

The sheet we are seeing is the “Master Score Sheet”, which an official compiles during the fight when he receives individual scorecards from each judge between rounds.  The final scorecards were unusual for a competitive contest, in that all three judges saw the fight with the same final score of 116-112 in favor of Garcia.  A look at the details show some variances throughout.

Guerrero was doing well in the first five rounds according to the judges.  Had the fight somehow ended after the fifth and gone to the cards, Guerrero would have won a split decision.  Guerrero also won the twelth round, as he was looking to close strong.  Rounds six thru eleven all went to Garcia, except the tenth where two judges gave it to Guerrero. In other words, Guerrero lost the fight in rounds six to eleven, where Garcia established himself as the more technical figher, hitting him with precision shots as he came in.  The shots may not have hurt Guerrero, as he at times appeared to be frustrated, but they certainly were scoring for Garcia, who was hitting and not getting hit.

Aside from the rhetoric coming from the Guerrero camp, which is somewhat understandable, there is little controversy over the judges cards for this bout.  It is still interesting to have access to the details that go into the scoring.  In this one, it appears the judges may not have done a half-bad job.


Check out this The Boxing Channel‘s video with results and highlights.



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