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The Premier Boxing Champions is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with a full night of fights that see the main events air on FOX and FOX Deportes.

The broadcast on FOX starts at 8PM Eastern TIme / 5PM Pacific Time and kicks of with the Heavyweight 10 round bout featuring Dominic Breazeale (16-0) taking on Amir Mansour (22-1-1).

The preliminary card has six bouts in all and reports coming in at the Boxing Channel indicate that the fights have started.

The Lightweight ten rounder between Alejandro Luna and Alan Herrera saw the referee step in and call off the fight between the eighth and ninth round, deeming Herrera unfit to continue.

With the broadcast starting at 8PM, several of the “preliminary” fights will serve as filler bouts for the broadcast should any of the long fights end quickly.  The other bouts will go down after the FOX and FOX Deportes broadcasts bring us the main events.

The results are in coming in. Check back often for updates as we take you to the broadcast main events.

In the first feature bout of the broadcast an action packed fight was promised between Heavyweights Amir Mansour and Dominic Breazeale, and it was delivered.  The contrast in size between the 6’7″ Breazeale and the 6’1″ Mansour made for a compelling contrast, as Mansour was the aggressor from the get go.

Breazeale was trying to establish distance and box, but he was having trouble keeping Mansour at bay.  Mansour broke through and scored a knock-down in the third.  Though Breazeale did not look particularly hurt, he was falling behind on the cards.  Early in the fifth, Mansour put Breazeale down again.  After getting up, Breazeale seemed to respond and both fighters closed the fifth round fighting hard.

It is then that father time showed up for Mansour.  At 43 years old, he has to be commended for the shape he is in and for the energy he put out in the fight, but he was still sitting on his stool when the bell sounded for round six.  The referee called the stop to the action shortly afterwards, giving Breazeale, the victory on the scorecards.  Early indications are that Mansour may have a jaw injury.

Mansour breazeale punch 80603

(Pictured above: Breazeale was down in the fight, but he was throwing back by the fifth round.  If Mansour suffered a broken jaw, this might be the shot that did it, as heavy leather was being thrown)


The highly anticipated welterweight bout between undefeated Sammy Vasquez and Aaron Martinez was next.  Both men came out a bit cautious, and the first two rounds saw most of the exchanges end in clinches and tie ups.  Martinez was talked to several times by the referee, and it was Vasquez who was moving forward and trying to cut off the ring.  The fight was turning into a battle of attrition, as Vasquez slowly gained confidence and started punishing Martinez.  Martinez was more and more defensive, fighting out of a shell.  At the start of the seventh round, Vasquez looked surprised the fight was stopped, as Martinez’ corner took off his gloves after he suffered an arm injury.  An observer ringside confirrms it is a left elbow injury that Martinez appears to have suffered.

The main event, for the vacant WBC World Heavyweight title is next.  Guerrero entered first, and he looked stern and serious.  Garcia too was focused, by the pink leopard prints his entourage was wearing was a little disconcerting.

The clash started and from the opening round it was clear that it was going to be a tightly contested battle.  Guerrero looked rejuvenated at times in the early, landing on Garcia and taking Garcia’s punches well.  For his part, Garcia seemed to be frustrating Guerrero, landing with precision without causing a lot of damage.  The mid to late rounds saw Garcia establish himself better, continuing toland with precise shots and mixing in bigger punches that rocked Guerrero’s head back. Guerrero never stopped come forward, but as he wore down he missed with his punches more and more,  In the end, the judges gave the fight to Garcia with three identical cards of 116-112.  Garcia is now the new WBC World Welterweight titleholder, and talk will begin almost immediately of a potential re-match for Garcia with England’s Amir Khan.

Despite the win, Garcia has left open the question of whether he has left some of his power in the lower weight classes.


January 23nd, 2016 – Staples Center

Los Angeles, California

Complete Event Results – Premier Boxing Champions on FOX

(Card Subject To Change):
Welterweight 12 Rounds: Danny Garcia def. Robert Guerrero by UD.
Welterweight 12 Rounds: Sammy Vasquez def. Aaron Martinez by TKO in 7th RD.
Heavyweight 10 Rounds: Dominic Breazeale def. Amir Mansour by TKO in 6th RD.
Lightweight 10 Rounds: Alejandro Luna def Alan Herrera by TKO in 9th RD.
Super Light 8 Rounds: Min Wook Kim def. Erick Daniel Martinez by KO in 5th RD.
Welterweight 6 Rounds: Luis Bello vs Jesus Aquinaga def. Luis Bello via MD.
Featherweight 4 Rounds: Jose Gomez defeated Michael Andrew Gaxiola  via UD.
Super Bantam 4 Rounds: Sergio Quiroz defeats vs Damon Simon via UD. 
Bantam 4 Rounds: Antonio Santa Cruz vs Victor Torres def. Antonio Santa Cruz via SD.

Check out this The Boxing Channel‘s video with results and highlights.

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