SHOBOX – The New Generation Friday -Quick Weigh-in Results

SHOBOX – The New Generation Friday – The Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona plays host to “ShoBox: The New Generation” this Friday night, January 22nd.  The official weigh-ins took place Thursday afternoon, with all fighters in the main events on weight and ready to go.

Two vacant WBA North American titles are on the line as Middleweights Rob Brant (18-0) and Decarlo Perez (15-3-1) meet in a ten round bout.  Brant is considered a potential future title contender.  One observer of the Minneapolis boxing scene states “the people that handle Brant have been high on him for a while, and they have been handling him carefully. This is his year to step up”.  This will be Brant’s third appearance on Showtime.

The other 10 round bout for a WBA belt is at Heavyweight, where undefeated (15-0-1) Jarrell Miller takes on Donovan Dennis (12-2).  Miller is a massive heavyweight, weighing near 280 lbs usually, while Dennis is a compact fighter who comes in weighing about 220 usually.  Look for a highly entertaining fight of contrasts.  With the heavyweight division wide open here at the start of 2016, both men need a win to begin establishing themselves.

The live card features seven bouts in all, and the Demond Brock (13-3) vs Samuel Teah (7-1)  Lightweight bout is for Brock’s WBC United States title.

The “ShoBox: The New Generation” program was developed by Showtime to feature up and coming talents in the world of boxing.  The complete card and results from today´s weigh-ins appear below.

January 22nd, 2016 – Casino Del Sol
Tucson, Arizona

Complete Weigh-in Results – SHOBOX – The New Generation (Card Subject To Change):

Heavyweight 10 Rounds: Jarrell Miller (274 1/2 lbs) vs Donovan Dennis (218 1/4 lbs)
Middleweight 10 Rounds: Rob Brant (159 lbs) vs Decarlo Perez (159 lbs)
Super Lightweight 8 Rounds: Bakhtiyar Eyubov (143.5 lbs) vs Jared Robinson (143.5 lbs)
Lightweight 8 Rounds: Demond Brock (136.5 lbs) vs Samuel Teah (136 lbs)
Super Feather 6 Rounds: Keenan Carbajal (127.8 lbs) vs Thomas Herrera (128.2 lbs)
Welterweight 4 Rounds: Alfonso Olvera (143.8 lbs) vs Colbert Lou Lozoya (142.6 lbs)
Welterweight 4 Rounds: Carlos Cordoba (144.5 lbs) vs David Courtney (144.5 lbs)


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-oubobcat :

A couple observations from this card... Bakhityar Eyubov can punch. He is raw but has legit one punch kayo power. I'd like to see him develop a jab and learn that not every punch has to be thrown to take his opponents head off. If he gets a jab and throws some punches to land and not destroy, this guy could be something. At the very least whenever he fights, the result will always be in doubt to the end with that devastating power. Eyubov is an intriguing prospect to keep an eye one and if he is fighting I recommend everyone out there watch as he will bring entertainment. I admit I was surprised at how well Jarrell Miller handled going into the middle rounds in his fight with Donovan Dennis. I also liked how Miller attacked the body and broke down Dennis. His conditioning was much better than I anticipated it would be. He also faced some adversity and overcame it to retake control of the fight and eventually get the knockout. I would still like to see Miller shed some more pounds and move his head a little but all in all solid growth fight for him. And speaking of Dennis, what courage he showed in this fight. Unfortunately, his corner showed even more courage. Dennis was dead tired and beaten badly entering the 7th round. He took ferocious punishment from Miller in that round and the corner would have been well advised to stop the fight early as their man was clearly spent with nothing on his punches and no chance to win. Instead Dennis took a beating in that round and then took two crunching punches to the chin at the end that were totally unnecessary. Its a shame that time and time again we see corners that are not looking out for their fighter. Rob Brant looked like a different fighter than I had previously seen. Perez was considered by many, myself included, as a very live underdog. Instead Brant used good movement and balance to effectively set up his combinations. He was slick enough inside a very small ring to make Perez miss and make him pay. It was beautiful boxing and with the better balance his power looked much improved. The knockout was sensational and is an early candidate for KO of the year. This improvement from Brant couldn't happen alone either. Lets give credit also to Derrick James who obviously helped Brant improve tremendously since his last fight in October. James also trains Errol Spence and has been doing a great job with Spence who is one of the top young fighters in the sport. James is a trainer who is flying under the radar somewhat but doing a great job honing the skills of some of his younger fighters.

-brownsugar :

I totally agree about Brant. I'm not sure what he's doing but in the early feeling out phase of the fight, both fighters were doing an excellent job of feeling each others punches,...... It was as if a bonus awaited for whoever could generate the most exciting offence. The ultra-crisp video resolution insured that the home audience didn't miss one drop of spittle flying across the ring, and the well balanced audio had me thinking the production team must have planted mics in each of the contestants wisdom teeth,.. The cacophony created by the early trading of each man's two-fisted assault made me feel as though I was sitting next to the corner men. And I could have sworn there were flecks of blood on my white tee-shirt. Brant who had put on many decent, albiet inconsistent performances before fought like he'd personally met Jesus for a motivation speech, and had been training on nothing but beet-juice and wheat-grass, his effort was a marvel of consistency, like a tennis player returning every volley at a 100 mph in every set. You could actually see the exact point when Perez's will was broken before being forced to the showers just moments prior to when Brant ejected his adversary through the ropes. The action was vivid, the pain was palpable, and Brant showed a marked improvement in every category. It was a Great night of fights.