First Time A Headliner For A “Killa”

The first time, oh what a night.

Doing it for the first time, it will be forever stamped in your brain.

Who you were with, how you felt, how you performed, did you have your hands raised after all was said and done…

Headlining your first prize-fight, being on the top of the bill, it represents a milestone reached.

It suggests and confirms you have reached a certain place, if you are Shawn “Killa” Cameron, who meets lefty Chris Galeano on Friday, Nov. 20 at the Aviator complex in Mills Basin, Brooklyn, on a showed promoted by Lou DiBella.

But here’s one thing that Cameron, who grew up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and now lives in the Bronx, knows: “Galeano is the A side.”

Ah OK, he’s the “house” guy, of sorts, maybe most or many expect him to win, maybe think the 22-year-old has a brighter upside? Points for living in the real world for Cameron, age 33, an Army vet who sports a 10-0 (5 KOs) record. “Headlining is definitely an honor. Honestly, it’s huge but I’m keeping my composure. I’m trying not to get caught up in the excitement. It’s just another day for me. Maybe that’ll change on day off, but eh, it’s another day.”

That ability to have that mindset, maybe that’s helped by the fact that in the Army, Cameron saw things, felt things, had his heart and mind touched by images he will never not see.

His perspective was forever changed…and it might make him a better boxer.

He has eyes wide open; he knows he’s going up in weight.

“He has all the leverage, but I don’t mind,” Cameron told me of the 9-0 (1 KO) foe, a Bronx guy. “They didn’t want to do it at 154. I think I’m tougher, stronger, and he’s more of a boxer, a mover. I think he’s going to try and outbox me. But if he wants to brawl, then that’s cool. I’d rather that anyway.”

Yeah, well, guy is nicknamed “Killa,” maybe I should have assumed that, lol…

One thing that won’t happen, Cameron won’t let that Paris attack and the realization how much the world changed in France get into his head. “Negative, I’ve isolated myself from most things, and honestly, I’m happier not knowing,” he told me. “I just didn’t want to be distracted by anything. This fight is another step in the right direction. This s–t has to do with New York bragging rights! I just want to win…by knockout!”

They tangled before, in the amateurs, in 2009 or 2010, and Galeano got the D. “But I’m a lot different. This isn’t the amateurs,” Cameron said. “It’s more time to stay relaxed and hurt him. No headgear, smaller gloves. I’m better now on the technical side, my eyes are better now.”

Prediction, please, Mr. Headliner…”I’m gonna pull the upset!”