Is Duva Worried That Ward Will Angle Away From Kovalev Fight?

Uh oh…

Was a signal being sent?

Was something not even seemingly fully on the rails going off said rails? Was Andre Ward sending a signal in the way he phrased the possibility–not an inevitability–of a fight against Sergey Kovalev, on the Wednesday night showing of HBO’s The Fight Game?

If you missed it, the Oakland based pugilist-specialist said, “Regardless of how people feel about the actual fight, the monetary outcome, and the numbers that that fight did, it shattered the box office ratings, and I mean, if that’s gonna be a great fight between Sergey Kovalev and myself, if and when it happens, and great fights need to be built up, and that’s what’s we’re gonna do.”

If…he said if. Not WHEN. He said if and when..

Uh oh..Or no?

I posed that question to Kathy Duva, who has worked more on making this fan-demanded showdown, between her boxer Kovalev, and Ward than anyone else…

So, Kathy, Ward said there’s no rush to fight Kovalev. Your thoughts?

“We signed an agreement with Roc Nation and Andre Ward for Ward to fight Kovalev in 2016,” the intrepid leader of Main Events told me. “The only “if” here is if Ward actually gets in the ring. We can’t stop him from getting injured or retiring. But if he gets in the ring after June 2016, it will be against Sergey Kovalev. We would love to do the fight sooner, but Ward wants his tune-ups. In the meantime, Sergey will go on with his career against the best opposition that isn’t afraid to fight him.”

Readers, talk to me..will this happen? Did Wards’ wording give you pause? Or is he just being deliberate and this thing will in fact detonate next year, as the masses are hoping?



-michigan400 :

Summer 2016 is a good time frame. Ward is just getting back from a long layoff so that's not unreasonable IMO. Now if they let it marinate for 5-6 years thats just BS. No more of that crap please.

-StormCentre :

Ward is a stand up guy. He has always delivered before when he can and has been expected to. He's a top class operator. So (even if you're negative about Ward and prepared to write him off about the injury thing; which I am not) you have to - at least - give him the benefit of the doubt. If Ward says he wants Kovalev then I believe him. If Ward gets back to pre-Goosen Vlegal Ward form in 2016, then Sergey is in for a tough night.