Lomachenko Wins KO10 Showcase

Promoter Bob Arum, not one for hyperbole (LOL!) said he thinks Vasyl Lomachenko is the best guy he’s ever promoted the other day. That’s setting the bar high…

We fans could get a look and see for ourselves if Bob is tipping towards the ludicrous or no, on Saturday night, when the Russian met Romulo Koasicha in Las Vegas, and on HBO.

The Ukrainian hitter, who went 396-1 as a non-pro, rose to 4-1, when he stopped Koasicha in round 10. Nope, not able to sign off on Bob’s take, being that Koasicha was in so far over his head.

Before the bout, we heard Loma say that he doesn’t really overly regret a loss to chippy Orlando Salido in his second pro bout. It helped him graduate to better comprehending the rigors of the pro game.

The WBO featherweight crown, held by Loma, was on the line at the Thomas and Mack.

The Mexican Koasicha (24-4 with 14 Kos) came out jabbing in the first. Loma (4-1 with 2 Kos) countered smartly, slipped, blocked, used his feet to great effect. He got angles so smartly, and was told to not be so respectful after the round. To round two…the lefty Loma popped leads with both hands. In round three, we saw Loma being the boss. Again..this was clearly going to be a showcase. The analysts Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Roy Jones spoke about how easy he made it look, and noted that no, he doesn’t have a Golovkin type manner of aggressing. To round five…Loma popped when he wanted to, what he wanted. The Koasicha corner told him to get busier, throw more punches after every round. The rounds blended, and the crowd, of what there was there, didn’t seem too perky. In round eight, we heard that Loma’s dad told him to go ahead, take him out. He didn’t. To round nine…we heard that the Koa corner said they’ll pull the plug if he doesn’t perk up. He managed to land some counters so he fought on. Then, in round ten, three solid body blows sent the message to Koasicha. He took a knee, bowed his head, and packed it in.

— Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank



-StormCentre :

Mexican was tough. Surprised Loma didn't close the show earlier. Bring on Loma V Rigo; if it can be made. :) :)

-brownsugar :

Lomo is very good, can we get Lomo vs Walters now????

-StormCentre :

Yes, Loma V Walters is a good fight. Ideally, that would/could take place as Rigoneaux cleans out the Euro belt holders in his division, and then Loma and Rigo. Who would you back between Rigo and Loma, BS? And why? :) :)