WBC Offered VADA Testing For #CottoCanelo

VADA, USADA, yada-yada…

Just who will be doing the testing of the fluids for their Nov. 21 clash is an issue, a minor one, but nevertheless, an element of the leadup to the Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez clash.

We had heard that USADA will be doing the screening, not VADA. This despite there being an existing relationship between VADA and the WBC, and you’ll note Cotto’s WBC middleweight crown is up for grabs Nov. 21. I asked WBC boss Mauricio Sulaiman about that. “The WBC Clean Boxing Program with VADA did offer the platform, however the promotion did not confirm, so they have proceeded with other another system,” he said, “and I can’t confirm which one it is.”

I was under the impression the WBC would have paid for it. USADA usually charges more than VADA, and if there was no cost, well, then the price couldn’t be more right. In fact, I was informed by WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman that his organization would have contributed to the payment for the testing.

I also asked a Cotto rep why USADA was chosen, and Gaby Penagaricano explained: “That is the organization Miguel has used since day one.  He is used to them.  Comfortable.”

Photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos