Who Does Tim Bradley Think Is THE BEST At Welterweight?

Here’s a little tidbit that you might find telling.

Our man Timothy Bradley was asked by journo Marcos Villegas, of Fight Hub, who he thinks is top dog at 147, post Mayweather.


He could have picked himself, or Pacman…but no. He picked a PBC guy. Keith Thurman.

The Floridian, age 25, is the guy who Bradley believes is the overall ace at welterweight.

Villegas, chatting with Bradley days before his tangle with Brandon Rios, asked if Bradley is No. 1. Bradley said that “for me I think the top guy probably in the division right now, as far as size, ability, youth, is Keith Thurman. To be honest with you I think Keith Thurman is the guy right now in the division.”

He cited youth, size, speed, boxing ability, athleticism, confidence, and being a student of the game. “He would probably be the top guy in the division,” said the ultra vet. “Manny Pacquiao of course, is still there, myself of course. But we really don’t know until we get in the ring.”

No small compliment, eh? If as we figure we see Thurman versus Shawn Porter in January, does that Bradley assessment make you favor Thurman a bit more? Talk to us, leave a comment in the comment section.