Wilder Likely Fighting After the New Year

Fans of the heavyweight division are always curious about what’s next for Deontay Wilder. The Alabaman has wins over Eric Molina and Johann Duhaupus in his last two and both were fun to watch fights. But fans are craving a “name” test for the Bronze Bomber, who holds the WBC heavyweight crown.

Like, say, Alex Povetkin.

I asked Jay Deas, who co-trains and co-manages TBB, what might be next.

“We should know within two weeks,” said Deas. “He will probably fight again after the new year.”

And could Povetkin be his next? “Povetkin fights in November (Nov. 4, versus Mariusz Wach) so we will see after that. Is he next, I’m not sure.”

Povetkin is first in line, as holder of the WBC silver title, at Wilder. So if he beats Wach, drums will be beaten for that Wilder-Povetkin scrap to be put together.

Photo credit : Lance Holloway



-deepwater2 :

Wilder will face the winner of Thompson vs take a dive Scott

-amayseng :

Wilder will face the winner of Thompson vs take a dive Scott
What a joke, I missed it how did he side step AP?

-Domenic :

Wilder needs to fight a legitimate guy. The first defense, no problem, you deserve that one. The second time, not so much, but ok. Now again!? Are you kidding me? Fight a legit guy. That guy Ortiz from Cuba will cancel his fight in December for it (fought on Golovkin card 2 weeks ago). Come on Wilder. Losing all credibility.