No Scales Fail: Golovkin and Undies-Less Lemieux Make Weight

The scale told a tale on Friday afternoon, at Madison Square Garden in NYC, with Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux, two legit middleweight bangers, stepping on to see how their training went.

The happy-faced Kazahk was 159.4, with undies on, and the model-handsome Lemieux was 159.8, sans drawers, so we are a step closer to the anticipated rumble.

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The rivals shook hands after weighing in, both featuring relaxed visages, and host Michael Buffer said the bout would not likely go the distance. They stared down, stone faced, neither breaking eye contact, until Oscar De La Hoya, promoting with K2, told them to split.

Golovkin promised an “amazing day,” and said he’d be giving a “big present” to the people, maybe in the form of a KO. Lemieux promised the “best” Lemieux ever, and stated that the sell-out indicates a great success. “It’s an honor for me,” he said, and “I’m leaving this place with those belts.”

The show was sold out on Thursday, a testament to the ability of the sport to sustain momentum, for new heroes to be constructed and appreciated, and the joint will be scaled to seat over 20,000 folks. This is the first sellout involving two boxers not named Miguel Cotto or Felix Trinidad, since 1999, for what it’s worth.

Middleweights Tureano Johnson, from the Bahamas, and Eammon O’Kane, fighting an IBF eliminator, both made weight. It will be the first PPV TV bout, and will start a little after 9 PM ET. Johnson promised an “explosive” fight and said he’d put O’Kane “to sleep.” The Irishman said he’ll sleep when it’s bedtime, but before that, it’s “showtime.” He played to some countrymen who came over the pond to cheer him on.

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Luis Ortiz, fighting for the interim WBA heavyweight title, was 237.8; he said he wants to fight the best, now, makes sense being that he is 36. The Argentine, 261, said he has a big heart, and even bigger cajones.

Brian Viloria was 111.4 as he looked ahead to his clash with “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (111.4), the current fighting pride of Nicaragua, who holds the WBC’s 112 pound crown. Many folks say the Nicargauan is the best active boxer on the planet. After the weigh-in, Choc said that he dedicates the fight to God. Viloria said this bout stands as the “biggest” one of his lengthy career, and he said all watching will be “in for a treat.” He said he has to fight a “perfect fight,” and will let his hands go and will be serving up some Hawaaian Punch. He’d be happy if his foe underestimates him. “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again!”