This Might Be Golovkins’ Top Asset

We all know that his fists are the sort which make proud men shake, make brave men question their mettle, make livers into mush, make brain pans rattle at an alarming frequency.

But what about another trait that we don’t mull as much…what about that Gennady Golovkin chin?

I think it’s freakish, and doesn’t get enough credit…

Check out the results “Good Boy Gets Stopped; Game Lemieux TKO’d By Golovkin in NYC” at The Sweet Science by Michael Woods.

“He’s never been down as a pro, never down as an amateur,” said Golovkins’ trainer, Abel Sanchez, to me.

What about in the gym?

“Never,” said Sanchez.


I looked at 3G with even more awe, I guess…

“What about in the gym? Ever been off your feet in sparring?”

“Never,” the 33-year-old boxer answered.

Ponder that for spell.

Guy spars with cruiserweights sometimes…Never…

Must be nice to have that certainty in your pocket. But…maybe that breeds cockiness…maybe the guy starts thinking he’s got teflon in there, instead of mortal bone…

“The greatest have all been knocked down, Ali has been knocked down, Frazier has been knocked down,” Sanchez said.

Point being, chances are SOME DAY it happens, and it is up to him and the corner to adapt, he told me.

So, I continued..who has hit you hardest? I wondered if he’d been buzzed to the point where he almost hit that deck. 3G mulled…

“My parents,” he said, and the room chuckled. (Loeffler, no dumkopf, jumped in and said that Gennady was talkign about his parents’ solid genetics, not about any whupping, lol.)

He thought more…

Nope, coudn’t, maybe wouldn’t summon a response. No example of someone making him almost lose his balance.

“He’s a freak of nature, I don’t know,” the trainer said, in summary.

Must be nice to be that sort of freak, eh? David Lemieux tells us he can break that durability streak.

Time tells…

Check out The Boxing Channel video “Golovkin vs Lemieux HBO PPV – Quick Results”.



-SuperLight :

When you put it that way, I'm really getting shades of Hagler and Hearns.

-Radam G :

All sounds sweet. And Lil Bo Peep lost her sheep. But some smarties will say she never lost one. GTFOH! I don't know what is considered a knock down by the pundits. But I saw 3g get "Eight Counts" in the amateurs for being knocked into the ropes -- no ropes, his arse would have been on that canvas. I think that he was even stopped in the World Juniors. OMFG! People are really reaching to overly promote him. But y'all know me. I'm down with O-P-P! And I can always go to YouTube and pull up da actuality of da reality. And get all the haters, posers and keyboard trolls/warriors to start bytching and hitching up make believe syet and serial alibis of the ridiculous. Holla!