Tonight’s HBO and SHO Fights Show Contrast in Styles, Paths To Success

Tonight on Planet Boxing, you will see a study in contrasts. Yes, I’m talking about the concussive power possessed by Lucas Matthysse against the sweetly scientific skills of Viktor Postol, which you can watch on pay cable, on HBO, this evening.


I’m also talking about the plans of attack, the personnel choices and the paths to (presumed) success employed by the cablers who are featuring boxeo tonight.

Matthysse-Postol is a Golden Boy promotion, centered around the hammer-fisted Argentine; over on Showtime, hopes are attached to a different sort of talent. Adrien Broner, singing a redemption song, telling us he’s a changed man, tops the bill on Sho; his showy stylings will butt heads and fists with a rugged Russian volume guy, Khabib Allahkverdiev. The smart-ish money from the folks putting this together, Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza and them all, is on the choice to hitch their wagons to more “skills pay the bills guys.” That, ostensibly, is Broner. That was Mayweather. Etcetera.


Meanwhile, over at HBO, they embrace a throwback sort of talent. You seen that meme bouncing around, the NWA one? It’s a graphic featuring the faces of Sergey Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, Lucas Matthysse and Choclatito. The message is clear, their bond is obvious. “The World’s Most Dangerous Group,” this collection is billed as…

All want to knock their foes’ heads off.

All are boxers, no, FIGHTERS first.

Businessmen, sure, but they know their role, stay in their lane, and seek to steamroll anyone coming toward them in said lane.

So, study in contrasts….and, I don’t think it’s too much of an over-reach to say, a battle in the war for the custody of the sport.

Thoughts, readers?

Do you have a dog in this hunt? Do you prefer solely the “NWA” guys when seeking viewing pleasure in the fistic realm? Or are you more appreciative of the “hit and don’t be hit” methodology more so used by the PBC/Haymon/Showtime crew? Talk to me…and drop in your predictions on Matthysse-Postol and Broner-Allahkverdiev…