Klitschko Hurt, Fight With Fury Postponed


It is part of the game, and that much more, oftentimes, when you are 39 1/2.

Wladimir Klitschko tore a tendon in his left calf while training and thus, is forced to postpone his match against colorful hitter Tyson Fury.

Shame, in that interest was heating up ahead of the Oct. 24 scrap, after Fury drew chuckles and buzz by dressing like Batman at the Monday presser.

Pullouts have occured before, confounding ticket buyers; David Haye withdrew before he and Wlad were to tangle in 2009; a defense against Eddie Chambers was delayed because of a hand issue, in 2010; a torn ab muscle on Wlad put off a Dereck Chisora fight, in 2011; a kidney stone put off his 2011 “fight” with Jean-Marc Mormeck; he's been on a healthy streak since.

Fury took to Twitter for some chops-busting:

“Gypsy King ?@Tyson_Fury

2h2 hours ago

Well it's official @Klitschko has pull out of the fight with an injury in his leg, it's a bit funny as I predicted this would happen!!!


“Gypsy King ?@Tyson_Fury

2h2 hours ago

Don't feel sorry for me I'll b ok, I'm sorry for the fans again as they are the biggest losers hear. Flights & hotels travel, sorry guys.”

“I knew he couldn't fight,” he said, in a public statement.

Here is a release which went out from Team Klitschko:

Here is a release which went out from Team Klitschko and the Fury promoter, Hennessey:

Hamburg, September 25, 2015: (C/O K2 Promotions) Due to a tendon tear in the left calf of the IBF/IBO and “The Ring Magazine” World Heavyweight Champion and WBA/WBO Superchampion Wladimir Klitschko, his championship fight against Tyson Fury will be postponed.

After sustaining the injury in his training session yesterday, Wladimir Klitschko promptly left his training camp to seek medical treatment from Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, physician for the German national soccer team, who has diagnosed the injury.

“Especially after the exciting press conference last Wednesday, I was looking forward to this fight very much. I know that a lot of fans have already organized their trips to support me in Düsseldorf. I am so sorry that I am not able to fight on October 24. I also apologize to my opponent, who has spent many weeks preparing for this fight. I will do my very best to recover as fast as possible,” said Wladimir Klitschko.

Klitschko will continue to seek medical treatment from Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt and the new date for the fight against Tyson Fury will be announced next week. The ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf will still be the venue.

“The clinical and MRI-examination showed a partial musculotendinous tear of the left calf. The boxing fight planned for October 24 (World Championship in the heavyweight division) should be postponed for an indefinite period of time. Due to this injury we strictly recommend ceasing athletic activity in the next weeks,” said Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt.

“Unfortunately, these situations are always possible in individual sports. We all know about the importance of this event for everyone involved, as well as for all boxing fans. Therefore, we are trying everything possible to postpone this fight to a nearby date at the ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf,” said Bernd Bönte, CEO of Klitschko Management Group.


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-deepwater2 :

Mr Fury did predict that WK would pull out with an injury. My money is on the traveling man if they ever do fight. I wonder where WK has the problem on the calf. If it is up by the knee,by the muscle attachments he might be out 4-6 weeks. If it's down by the Achilles he might need to walk in a boot and/or have surgery. The man is 40 years old ,he can expect to have most of his tendons inflamed at this stage of the game. My crystal ball says WK is at the end of a very impressive career.

-Domenic :

Damn! I was excited for this one too. What a downer.

-deepwater2 :

Damn! I was excited for this one too. What a downer.
Fury will make this one of the most interesting heavyweight fights in the past decade. Poor Fury can't get anyone in the ring with him. He might have to fight some Travelers down at the caravan park to earn some money.

-michigan400 :

Big bro started getting lots of issues to around that age. Its the start of the end! Hopefully he can reschedule, beat Fury then get out before he falls apart completely.

-amayseng :

Is this legit? I usually take Wlad as a genuine man but really the first day of training he has a strain and automatically pulls out without giving it a few days? The doctor should know the degree of the tear as of diagnosis why would it take a week to know when to reschedule? Like D2 said, if it is at the inferior joint ( achilles) he will be in a boot for maybe 6 months. If that was the case he wouldnt be standing or walking Something seems fishy

-deepwater2 :

I don't see this fight happening this year if at all. WK is getting a bit old, his young Hollywood wife fights with him and puts him under pressure, Shannon Briggs is harassing him wherever he goes, and his big brother's bloody coup didn't quite work out the way they had hoped. A big traveling man with his entourage might have given WK the jitters.

-Chris L :

Gutted, if anyone was going to do it, it was gonna be Fury.

-george0383 :

A calf muscle tear is a common injury in athletes. When it happens, you feel like a golf ball or a stickball bat hit you there. For a few days there is pain and stiffness. Then slowly it feels better and heals completely in 3- 5 weeks. There should be no reason why this fight doesn't happen.

-Radam G :

Tyson "Fists of" Fury said that Doc WK was going to roll out of this scrap by injury. I don't think the bout will happen now. I can see Doc WK now taking an easier scrap with "Let's go, CHAMP!" Brigg in the Empire State USA. Doc doesn't really want the cocksure distant cousin of GOAT Ali. Tyson was going to pull a 1964 and shock and shake up "da wiiiiirld [$ic]! Holla!

-Gabrielito :

Whatever people think about Fury's fight game, he behaves like a fighter should when it counts most. Bottom line David Haye and Wlad both bailed on the fight. If I'm fury and I'm signing for the 4th time for fights that have never materialized I would become jaded with it too.

-amayseng :

Many times when a human being sustains an injury the body naturally responds with edema and inflammation which is very well known to deter the ability of an mri or xray to display the most accurate depiction of the injury. Therefore many doctors wait a day or two for swelling and inflammation to diminish to make a more accurate diagnosis. Why was the fight postponed asap when he could have taken a few days to make a proper and more responsible assessment?

-deepwater2 :

I mentioned earlier that WK has too much on his plate outside the ring with the failed Ukraine coup stuff and his wife. His wife just came out today that she is depressed after having the baby. That could cause a husband much stress. The time is right for Fury to win the upset and set up a gigantic rematch.

-Radam G :

I mentioned earlier that WK has too much on his plate outside the ring with the failed Ukraine coup stuff and his wife. His wife just came out today that she is depressed after having the baby. That could cause a husband much stress. The time is right for Fury to win the upset and set up a gigantic rematch.
Wow! Now that Doc WK's wifey has the baby blues, he better skip his way out of this scrap. "Fists of" Fury is going to beat and bust him up as Fury's distant cousin GOAT Ali did the late, great Sonny Liston many moons, stars and suns ago. Holla!