Fox Reporter Tells Floyd He’s Not In All-Time Top 5

Some boxing media have been notable in their hesitance to direct questions at Floyd Mayweather regarding IVGate. The day the story came out, he was at a press conference, and about five hours after the story came out, top writers still didn’t see the story, and/or choose to ask him about it.

Indeed, grand inquisitor Jim Gray, who has made himself a wealthy man over the decades with his rep as a hard-nosed questioner, didn’t ask Floyd about IVGate, or even reference it when he chatted with the boxer at the Friday weigh in.

This Fox Business News reporter, Charles Payne, while engaging in some light-treading, hey, we all do that, make the medicine go down smoother, took it to Floyd pretty good in this Thursday chat.

Check it out:


The reporter says he’s a huge fan from a boxing perspective, then asks first question about the IV allegations. Mayweather plays it off as people trying to “taint my legacy.”

The Fox guy then says he can’t even get 20 people to come over to watch this Berto fight, and asks him why he picked such a foe. Good stuff, good sharp jab.

And by the way, this can happen when a reporter not on that particular beat swoops in, because he’s not afraid of messing up access for the future. But guys on the beat are worried about access, so they tread lightly. None of us are immune to this difficult dynamic…

The reporter says Triple G would have pushed Floyd harder, and that they could find a catchweight, and Floyd stammers and tries to counterpunch, and tries to change the subject to Berto.

Floyd maintains that his paydays indicate he is fully appreciated, when the reporter tells him he’s “underappreciated.”

Floyd once again tells us he doesn’t really even know who Ronda Rousey is, strange as she has taken slaps at him for his domestic violence history and is the top star in UFC.

Payne asks if Floyd will mix it up more in this scrap, and Floyd says, “No one is entitled to watch,” mis-stating, meaning no one is being forced to buy the event.

Payne says Muhammad Ali and others will be seen as better, in terms of legacy, because they engaged in memorable wars, and took severe risks. “You’re not going to be named as one of the greats, not one of the top one, two, three, four five,” said Payne, pressing hard. Floyd ums some, and and says only God can judge him.

It is one of the better interviews done with Floyd in recent memory; props to Payne for bringing it.



-amayseng :

Worst beating Floyd has taken in years. He looked confused, mad and could not even answer a question. He is a terrible speaker and had no composure. He clearly is ducking GGG

-deepwater2 :

Um that um reporter made Floyd feel a bit uncomfortable. um maybe um that reporter um didn't know um he was entitled um to say those um things or ask those um questions. Maybe that um reporter hates um Floyd um for saying those um things. Floyd said he is not the peoples champion and he was right about that.

-Domenic :

Great interview. This Fox Business guy deserves an award of some sort. He touched upon Golovkin, his all-time status, PED's, and the abysmal choice of Berto for his alleged swan song. Beautiful stuff. I loved the Golovkin question. This guy knows what many of us here have been saying for months. The biggest fight for Floyd, both in money and legacy, is Golovkin. And there's no close second. Floyd clearly wanted no Golovkin discussion. I also love how he mentioned Ray Leonard and his loss to Duran in Montreal. That loss elevated his status, as he astutely points out. Ray Leonard was a risk-taker, something very foreign to Floyd. Just an excellent interview.

-Radam G :

Um that um reporter made Floyd feel a bit uncomfortable. um maybe um that reporter um didn't know um he was entitled um to say those um things or ask those um questions. Maybe that um reporter hates um Floyd um for saying those um things. Floyd said he is not the peoples champion and he was right about that.
Hehehe! You got jokes! Bring 'em on because Lil Floyd made a clown outta himself with bulljiving about his PEDs and roids. And who cares about the tears of a rude "Homie da Clown." "Homie don't play dat," it goes from the "hood" in Money May. Holla!

-SouthPawFlo :

Good interview!!!

-DaveB :

I don't like FOX but that reporter brought the heat. Um he is 1-0 vs. Floyd.

-StormCentre :

I think this is old news. As, Gray was saying these things a while back. Still; 1) Such topics are as popular as Floyd is unpopular. 2) Gray served it up to Floyd, and it seemed Floyd was not able to defend himself (or the TBE claim) very well. It's not often that Floyd's mouth let's him down. Doubtful Mayweather is in the all time best top 5. Top 12 probably. Amazing skills. Gray should have asked Floyd if he was cool with retrograde CIR testing, and then start dialing Roaches/Pacquaio's number to hit them with the same question. Now that would be an interesting story; only half of which would popular around here though. Still, this is boxing, no-one ridicules someone for running, and then themselves runs from the hard issues/fights do they? Love it !!!! Is the moon real? If not then why is its light making my previously lost hair grow back. OMFG I just realized, I am actually a Werewolf and didn't know it. What's all this hair on my back doing? Where's NostRADAMus? He said that the magic "moonlight make my hair grow back" potion he gave me would not change my body in any other way than both, the return of scalp related hair, and of course cure any cervical arthritis I may have or get in the future millennia? And now I am howling at the moon and upset cause Berto didn't score a KO win. Anyway, I guess all is not lost, as it looks like I have a hot date with a virgin mermaid from the lost city of Atlantis. Lucky me, as that just so happens to be not only a nice way to get laid, but also the only way - so I am advised - to cure "Werewolfitis". Wow, it's a high ransom I pay for believing in this magic potion drink. Wonder if it's worth it. Keep rocking FloydHaters&PacLovers. :) :) :)

-DaveB :

I agree Pac is often deemed not guilty around here. Not guilty doesn't mean innocent. All of boxing is seedy. Some people can do the same thing and it is more palatable because you like them and/or they are not arrogant but as you state that is not right either. Still that doesn't make me like Floyd any better. He brings this on himself and I don't feel sorry for him. I get your point. Pacquaio is just as guilty as Floyd but much more likeable.

-StormCentre :

Pretty well said DB. It's hard to think that Floyd - with all his money, control and ability to conceal - has never found the allure of PEDs appealing. :) And yes, Floyd does bring some of it onto himself. Some of the negativity though, is no more than what normally happens with a fighter and really experienced promoter. But with Floyd he's kind of like both rolled into 1, and he also boasts about money. Which together - and combined with how little most (even seasoned) boxing followers really know about boxing contracts, business and typical practices - means that people and PacFans get to peer straight in on some of Floyd's antics and draw conclusions. Conclusions that make them feel justified thinking what they think/know Floyd is (negatively or otherwise) doing, has never been done before in the sport. When in actual fact - for the most part - it has all been done before. And, as fate would have it and also just as a weird coincidence and example; Pacquaio and Top Rank have been doing similarly - if not more - outrageous things for years. But by the time the misdirection finally dissipated about Pac, and the writing was on the wall about him, many people had already heavily committed their FanFollowingShip to Pac. So to Packnowledge these things would have been harder than accepting another MayPac fight loss; especially for Queens, which I accept not all PacFans are. This is why - now - so many questions, considerations, rewards, and other claims are either skipped over, ignored, and misinterpreted; whilst anything that even looks like it will ridicule Floyd is accepted (without scrutiny) and even then thoroughly misinterpreted to bolster and celebrate a skewed view. It's as funny as it is sad. Anyway, Floyd is still a brilliant practitioner though; no matter what people say about him. Finally, I was only thinking the other day if Floyd's "last" fight would bring you out of the woods. And here you are. :) :)

-DaveB :

Your last comment made me chuckle. I may not comment much but I do lurk. I can't do like you guys and comment so much. But hey I'm still around. Look at how many posters we have lost over the years. I'm impressed that you frequent commenters don't get burned out. If there is one thing I've learned since being on this planet it is to not put anyone on a pedestal, especially celebrities. I don't know these people. Some of them you may think you would like but you would not like if you knew them and others you think you would dislike but you might like if you did know them. As we all know not everyone is found out and they leave with a squeaky clean image, from politicians to athletes, from every other field to common every day people. I remember when I heard about a boxer, and people love to do this because people like a fall from grace, that was at a party and he was snorting cocaine. He was a very famous top boxer at that time and I was almost in disbelief. It turned out to be entirely true. Another example is Joe Louis who is a national icon to this day. He was nothing more than a junkie after his career was over and that is still upsetting to people that don't know that. Sure Mayweather is going to bear a heavier load than most because he is polarizing and he is in the spotlight. Once he steps away from boxing interest will go to the next guy. Some people love him some people hate him, it has made him very rich but he is not going to have it both ways. No one has ever said the guy isn't talented. Also the guy who said he wants a level playing field and wants to clean up the sport is going to take more heat than someone else who cheats. It is like the preacher who talks the talk and then says forgive for I have sinned and cries when he is found out. It puts them directly in the searing heat of the spotlight.

-brownsugar :

I don't think I get it, one has come close to taking the measure of the man inside the ring since Castillo, and now Floyd is being judged based upon a hostile interview? Hagler never considered fighting above his weight, no one asked Calzaghe to prove his manhood or boxing prowess by fighting at 175.... However Mayweather is somehow being made to meet the criteria of a journalist who probably couldn't run a mile or go one round with the lowest rank amateur boxer in the country? I just dont see the significance. Floyd has already moved up half a dozen weight classes and has maxed out. I guess in the wider, more encompassing view this reporters questions must be the sincerest form of flattery since at the age of 38 more is still expected from the boxing prodigy who has utterly dominated his sport for 20 years,...defeating 25 champions in the process. But I guess this can be expected given Floyds high profile and level of unpopularity with certain sectors of society.

-StormCentre :

Dude, it's all completely understandable when you realize (and laugh at) the solid fact that you literally can't pay some cats and Queens to look at - let alone accept - the truth. See . . I've tried . . . $500:
-> $200;
-> $700;
-> $200;
-> It's a hilarious scream, and one I am so grateful for. :) :)

-brownsugar :

Dude, it's all completely understandable when you realize (and laugh at) the solid fact that you literally can't pay some cats and Queens to look at - let alone accept - the truth. See . . I've tried . . . $500: [URL][/URL] $200; [URL][/URL] $700; [URL][/URL] $200; [URL][/URL] It's a hilarious scream, and one I am so grateful for. :) :)
Your documentation is irrefutable, nicely done.