ALL ACCESS FINALE: Berto Delivers Stinging Slaps On Floyd

In the third and final installment of Mayweather-Berto All Access, viewers saw footage culled from fight week.

The program started with Brian Custer, presenting the 15 minute program on Showtime.

Floyd noted people aren’t believing this is his last scrap. He said he worked harder for this bout than the Manny scrap. Why? “Because anything is possible.”

He works out in his gym, then says he’s not looking at the big 5-0, but 49.

He hits the strip, hits a club, for a birthday bash for a best bud.

Then, we see Berto. He does work in a pool, on an underwater treadmill. Someone measures his speed in the water. The underdog says he has athleticism Floyd hasn’t really seen. What would Sonny Liston say about this sort of workout? I think he’d growl, spit, then snort…

Berto insults Floyd, says, “He can’t read write or spell and these are facts..There’s a reason why he walks around with all that cash. You think he know how to write out a check! Seriously!….All that money, still lame as an emeffer!”

Berto does an ice bath…Liston would I think maybe nod his head and almost smile.

The Floridian says he applauds Floyd’s run and respects his hard work…but knows, “I need to take that!”

Berto treks to Vegas…FloydVille…MGM…Floyd has his end camp BBQ…then a banquet, where an emcee says hangers on gotta get real jobs because Floyd is retiring…rappers rap…then Floyd works out, late night. TBE says he knows others will slack…others are happy with a million or two…not him.

Berto footage is seen…he looks dialed in, fast, strong…

Floyd says, “When I leave, I will be known as TBE…the best ever!” We see him counting money and the narrator says he has all his faculties…that is against the odds, I agree…

Will he remained undefeated? Watch the PPV, the narrator says.

The end.



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