Diego Magdaleno Gets Title Crack Vs. Flanagan

Much, OK most, of the air in the room of boxing has been snapped up by the Golovkin-Lemieux and Cotto-Canelo, and to a lesser degree, Mayweather-Berto fights.

But the fistic world keeps on spinning for other hitters, as well.

Such as one Terry Flanagan, 28-0, 11 KOs. The 26-year-old Brit defends his WBO lightweight crown on October 10, against 28-year-old Diego Magdaleno, 28-1, 12 KOs. They’ll tangle in Manchester Arena. Andy Lee’s defense of his 160 crown, against BJ Saunders, tops the bill…

There was a conference call on Thursday to hype the tangle between the southpaws. Flanagan spoke up: “I’m content in what I plan to do on fight night. I have no problems fighting southpaws. I’m in for a hard fight and he’s in for a hard fight. I don’t take any fight lightly. Magdaleno reminds me a bit like (Jose) Zepeda in that they both like to come forward to attack. I like that.

“I also like being a world champion. I like being a role model for children. I am now making enough money to take care of my family and have a better life.”

Good deal…All of us who know and revere boxing respect it as being a vehicle for lifting people up…

Diego Magdaleno wants to taste some more of that himself..

“Basically, he had the title handed to him (Zepeda dislocated his shoulder in second round vs Flanagan in world title bout) and I’ve never had anything handed to me,” the American boxer, promoted by Top Rank, said.

“I’ve had one loss and it was in China. The fight could have gone either way. But I made changes and joined forces with Joel Diaz in my corner. He is the mastermind in training and on fight nights. I am a much better fighter since my only loss.

“I am married to the sport of boxing. My parents raised me well and that is where my drive and determination comes from. I have no problem going to Manchester and beating Flanagan.”

Basically, the kid wants to kick some divorce proceedings into motion, separate Flanny from his strap…

“I can fight, box, put guys down. This is more than just a fight. I want that world title.”

Joel Diaz, the chief trainer for Magdaleno, had his say:

“I made a promise to Diego. We will win a world title. We took Tim Bradley over to England in a fight no one said we could win and came back with a title belt. I feel exactly the same about Diego and this fight. Diego improves every single day we are in the gym. He works so hard. He does all of his conditioning, his running. We are prepared to win.”

Carl Moretti, a VP at Top Rank, had his say:

“Diego got a lot stronger when he moved to the lightweight division. He is with a top trainer in Joel Diaz. They are a great combination going into a world title fight like this one.”