Sadam Ali Says NO To Step-Aside Deal

The rumor mill, what a busy mill it is.

You have the Tim Bradley-Brandon Rios-Sadam Ali thing going on, with it looking like a Bradley vs. Rios scrap not in the cards for now.

Bradley has a WBO 147 belt, and Rios was going to battle him for it in a Top Rank versus Top Rank showdown. But Ali, the chilled out Brooklyner promoted by Golden Boy, is ranked No. 1 by the WBO. He’d most certainly like a crack at that Bradley belt. He isn’t sure where things stand himself right now, but reached out to TSS to put this out there:

“To all the fans out there, don’t believe what you read,” the 22-0 Ali said. “I will never consider taking a step-aside deal! There is no amount of money to consider! I’m focused on fighting for the world title!”

My take: Refreshing to hear that, a guy not willing to be bought out. Kid wants the crack at the crown, and I admire his vocidferousness. The promoters and the TV folk and the managers will continue to jockey so who knows where this jumble ends up…But it seems very much like the 26-year-old Ali is drawing that line in the sand and won’t consider anything other than Bradley stepping to that line, and clashing with him.



-Bernie Campbell :

Saddam Ali owns Staten Island! We all gather in a coffee shop evrey day and discuss when Saddam will fight for a title! His Uncle Mike, Cousins Rocky and Miguel, not to mention the local customers of Port Richmond that wont accept nothing but a title! Money isnt evreything! The Yemenese community and its reputation means too much! Salam a lechum!

-oubobcat :

Supposedly Bradley-Rios is off so Ali would be the natural next foe for Bradley. Ali has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years and looking like a serious threat to anyone at 147. I would not discount his chances against Bradley and myself pick Ali in the upset. Its an interesting fight at the very least and hopefully we see it before the end of the year.

-Denise Alvarez :

Sadam Ali is a force to reckon with. The up and coming welterweight wants Tim Bradley and the WBO belt, but if not, l know of another young up and coming prospect that would be perfect for Ali to tangle with-Errol Spence Jr.

-Radam G :

Sadam Ali is perpetrating a fraud. He doesn't want any. He better take all the "step-aside money" that he can get because dude is going to be exposed. Holla!

-amayseng :

Tb vs Ali make it happen, looks like a solid fight where I would favor TB for all his experience against world class fighters.

-brownsugar :

Tim is formidable but he never quite ascended to the level I had hoped when he came out of nowhere with a surprisingly dominant performance over Witter to claim the title. Tim would go on to be ridiculed after a few reckless and foul filled performances over Campbell, Holt and Alexander, only to finally find acceptance after another unnecessary reckless yet entertaining performance against the Siberian Rocky... He boxed well against Marquez but looked like he was jumped by a motorcycle gang after his draw with the dirty fighting South American named Deigo Chavez. He was a boxer/slugger against Vargas but was almost stopped in the remaining seconds of the last round against the light hitting former Mayweather protege. So when it comes down to consistency and the fighter who knows very well what his identity in the ring is... I must,.....I have to choose Sadam Ali, who is almost as adept with his mobility in the ring as the Undisputed Champ ( well almost undisputed) Mayweather is. Sadam is a sharp puncher yet he's patient and smart. I'm making Sadam my official pick if the fight does come off. I think he will go far in the welterweight division if given the chance,... Kudos to Bradley if he chooses to fight the dangerous up and comer.

-StormCentre :

Hmm, I must be missing something when I watch Sadam Ali. I see some potential there, but I don't think I would back him against Bradley. But then, reading your comments BS it's also hard to (seriously) argue with them too. Ali may just do better against Vargas than Tim did. Sometimes I do think Bradley should have done better against Vargas, but then he did pretty much outwork him and close him down for the most part of the fight. I think the problem for Tim is that he doesn't seem to have some really serious power to visibly change his opponent's game-plan, or earn their respect. Bradley has the experience, stamina, skills and moves, but sometimes he just seems to lack that power that convinces you he is as dominating as he (technically) may/can be, and often is. Tough game. Promoters aside, I would have liked to see Floyd fight Bradley or Porter, more than Berto; but I appreciate Floyd can, and should, pretty much do what he wants at this stage of his career, and after beating Pac so decisively. Maybe I need to reassess Sadam Ali. I guess the first base/step is to watch a few more of his fights. Which do you recommend to get a good look at his potential? :) :)

-brownsugar :

The Abregu fight is a good place to start, Tim beat Abregu easily too but he didn't stop him by walking him into a beautiful KO shot after confusing him with his foot work. Sadam is one of the few fighters who can float effortlessly through the late rounds if necessary. The kid can pull the trigger and get some tremendous velocity off his punches very unexpectedly. The fact that he's eager to fight and doesn't want step aside money speaks volumes on Sadam's behalf, no Broner - like taunting, he's just ready to fight. Why did Arum want to derail the matchup by throwing in a used up Rios into the mix and pay off Ali, while acting as if HBO doesn't like fight (but they approved the dull, light hitting Vargas who hasn't had a KO since before Obama was elected) provides another clue. Mr I'll-even-fight-GGG(Bradley) apparently has his limits....and is very concerned about this kid. Not afraid, but i sense that Bradley senses what everybody else senses about this kid,... And thats the fact that this fight has upset written all over it. And yes there are some people who simply can't punch ... Bradley seems to be one of them.

-StormCentre :

Hmm, you're right. Sadam Ali did alright in that fight against Abregu. :)