Near-Century Old ‘Bible of Boxing’ The Ring Moves Into The Future With Two Action-Packed Cards Broadcast Every Month, Available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 14, 2015) The ‘Bible of Boxing’ will explode into the streaming video and Video on Demand (V.O.D) arena on September 4, as The Ringstarts streaming live fights on Roku, Amazon Fire and soon on Apple TV, company executives announced today.

As part of its first agreement, made with top-industry boxing promoter Golden Boy Promotions, The Ring TV will twice a month live stream Golden Boy boxing events, one being the hugely popular LA FIGHT CLUB series from the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles, featuring some of the most talented up-and-coming fighters throughout all weight divisions. The Ring TV is committed to building a robust ecosystem to deliver premium content to all screens and all devices imaginable – thereby providing all boxing fans with the ability watch live boxing, behind-the-scenes segments, dynamic highlights, powerful interviews as well as mini-fight episodes that provide the very best of full fights in three to five minute bites.

In the coming weeks and months, The Ring TV will work to secure agreements with top boxing promoters around the world to bring fans hungry for 24/7 content the latest fights and other premium boxing programming.

“The boxing fan of today is interested in following the sport through multiple mediums – cable, V.O.D., print, mobile, online and streaming video,” said Michael Rosenthal, Editor-in-Chief of The Ring Magazine. “Our fan base is loyal and eager to watch not only live, action-packed fights but everything that goes into making those fights. That includes training, press conferences, weigh-ins and more. The Ring TV app will help us deliver that type of content to fans all over the world.”

The Ring TV – which will immediately be available on Roku, Amazon Fire and soon on Apple TV – will also provide on-demand premium fights from the past. The Ring TV’s V.O.D. selections include the best fights in modern history – from De La Hoya vs. Mayweather to De La Hoya vs. Chavez to Mosely vs. Mayweather to Hatton vs. Pacquiao, to Canelo vs. Mayweather and many more.

The Ring is the boxing’s oldest and most trusted source of information on The Sweet Science, with brand recognition among fight fans all over the world,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Enterprises, which owns The Ring. “We are thrilled to provide the first round of content to The Ring TV and our growing base of platforms through our events including LA FIGHT CLUB series at the Belasco Theater. Now, no matter what language fans speak they will be able watch future world champion fighters at the beginning of promising careers either The Ring TV or on Estrella TV.”

In addition to live fights, The Ring TV will live stream press conferences, weigh-ins and behind-the-scenes footage to give fans VIP access and an inside look at what goes into making the best fights.



-StormCentre :

Ah . . . so, the competition and/or Oscar has finally decided to do something about (and/or react to) PBC. Hopefully it will be a good thing for the fans, and if so, and if others follow, who knows perhaps one day we will actually thank (well, perhaps appreciate if not thank) Haymon for creating competition in the broadcasting/video marketplace in such a way where it made (some) fights more accessible. :) :)

-King Beef :

Gotta agree Storm, I have been thinking this for awhile now............Love or hate PBC/Haymon...it has to cause the other entities to step their game up to offset him.

-oubobcat :

Interesting to note here that reportedly Haymon has been inching towards the online media platform that Golden Boy beats him to the punch in this aspect. I love boxing and the more avenues to stream live fights the better. Golden Boy did little advertising but last week did stream the undercards for the HBO Latino Card. I watched and thought overall they did a good job with the production. So I am looking forward to this venture. I did like too that the press release stated that they will look to show fights from overseas. I think this is an untapped market in the states as there are a lot of fights in other countries that do not get any television here in the states despite being on tv elsewhere. A lot of fans, myself included, find ways to stream these fights but the quality is often poor and unreliable. I have heard television people talk in the past about bringing more international fights to us television but it never seems to become reality. If Golden Boy is the one to do it, they will have a lot of success in my opinion.