The Stakes For Bute

So much boxing, so often, these days, so some of these bouts get caught under radar. Fair to say Lucian Bute’s Saturday clash fits that bill. The once hyped lefty 168er is looking to get back to a place of near prominence and I dare say the spotlight is not trained prominently upon the 35-year-old Romanian as he counts down to a PBC on NBCSN scrap against unknown Andrea DiLuisa. I tapped Bute promoter Yvon Michel to get a sense of the stakes; what does a win mean for the with-something-to-prove boxer?

“With a convincing win Bute might get a chance to DaGale and win his former title, ” Michel told me. “The plan is to fight at 168, no rematch with Jean Pascal is on the horizon.”

Bute is 31-2; the Italian underdog is 17-2 and 33 years old and is likely two steps beneath Bute in quality.



-Radam G :

Wow! Another setup match by tsAH ain't helping Bute an iota of an ant's @$$. Holla!

-deepwater2 :

This fight is in rod Salka territory. The Italian is ranked #61. He has been knocked out.he has quit in his corner and has been in against the usual suspects. Too many stiffs ruin a boxer.

-deepwater2 :

PBC= 85% mismatches and setups.15% decent fights. 90% chance that the boxers don't bother making weight. tsAH has been this way since he hoodwinked HBO with his setups,Why would anyone expect anything different? You get what you pay for.

-Bernie Campbell :

This Romanian had all the potential in the world! Then came the Jack in the Box man! Librado Andraede! At 35 Bute has seen better days! A match with Anthony Dirrell may be in order, in which he must climb the Super-Middleweight Food chain to get credibility like he had! My assessment at this point is a thumbs down!