Regarding The Cotto-Canelo Clash…

This one will be the most anticipated clash of the year in boxing.

And it’s almost at the finish line.

We all want to see it get there.

We all are keen to dissect and salivate over the Miguel Cotto v. Canelo Alvarez bout.

And none is more so amped to start thumping the drum to hype the clash than Oscar De La Hoya. I saw a story which had the promoter saying everyone is ready to rock but Cotto advisor Gaby Penagaricano is holding things up. So I reached out to a source at Roc Nation, who promotes Cotto. Is Gaby gumming up the works? No, the Roc source told me. All the Ts are being crossed and Is are being dotted twice.

Roc and Gaby and Team Cotto are on the same page, the source said, and that page reads: Cotto vs. Canelo, may the best man win in a fan friendly rumble which could well be fight of the year.