Bryant Jennings Adds New Trainer To the Mix

He surpassed the expectations of many, but not himself, when he fought many minutes against Wladimir Klitschko on even terms.

But even terms are not what Bryant Jennings is after…so the Philly boxer is tweaking his game, the learning side.

He’s in Florida as you read this, working alongside ace tutor John David Jackson, who has emerged as one of the top small handful of trainers in the boxing sphere the last couple years.

The 19-1 heavyweight told me he did a workout last month with JDJ, who helms Sergey Kovalev, the terminator type who is now on pound for pound lists, as a two-fisted technician who mixes patient predation with a sincere desire to removes a foes head from his shoulders. “It’s a great addition,” the 30-year-old Jennings told me. The two have meshed, he reports, and we can expect the same basic Jennings, but perhaps one with a bit more of an offensive mindset, someone who imposes his will and strength on an opponent for more minutes in a round.

Jennings has been getting in some R n R, taking his son, age six, to Disney, but has his eyes on prizes down the line. One of those won’t be the burly Cuban Luis Ortiz; an undercard slot on the Gennady Golovkin-David Lemiuex-topped MSG event was offered to Jennings but he told me no thanks.

He made bank versus Klitschko, and the check would be undersized, comparatively very much so, for an Ortiz fight. Ortiz (22-0 lefty, age 36), coming off a suspension for a PED positive, not yet a name in the division..thanks, but no thanks, is Jennings’ take. He will continue to soak up the JDJ knowledge, while paying respect to trainer Fred Jenkins, who got him into the dance. “John David is just giving me a different perspective,” BY said.

We saw Chris Algieri respond quite favorably to an infusion of learning with JDJ; it will be interesting to see if Jennings, who started fighting just six plus years ago, can make similar strides.



-Radam G :

I must give it up to trainer JDJ. He has become da man in the pugilistic department of correct training, braining and whuppin'-dat-arse raining. I just been hatin' on JDJ since I've been a year-and-some-change old because the establishment of amateur boxing powers-that-be crooks favored him over my senior cousin even though my cousin thoroughly kicked his arse in the 1980 quarterfinals of the U.S. National AAU. The bytch-@$$ establishment just could not handle that a 5-foot-5 speed demon Hawaiian Pinoy beat a nearly six-foot favorite. A lot of short-in-height Hawaiians, Samoans, Asian Americans and Native Americans were not getting a lot of luv in the late 1970s and 1980s. One of these days, Imma down load the G-Fam videos of a lot of robberies of Asian pugs in the amateurs and pros from the 1950s to 2000. Anyway, much luv to JDJ. He got it going on. Dude has become a power-pack trainer. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Its hard for me to fathom how BJ survived WK. I think WK had another one of his bout of insecurity. Meaning that he over thinks certain opponents from time to time and becomes overly cautious.. Jennings has exceeded expectations. Maybe he can glean enough to go a little bit further with a solid trainer like Jackson. I mean its not like Jennings used to be a full time football star. There's a lot of bad blood between Jennings and Wilder. I'd like to see those two settle their beef in the ring. Probably only a slim chance of that happening anytime soon.......Since Wilder may be facing Areola next. ....or possibly getting for his moment of truth against Provetkin according to some rumors Even in this era, the road of a heavyweight is never an easy path.

-Bernie Campbell :

When the hell is Jennings gonna fight again? I heard some rumors that he may retire because he shot his loas with Wlad! Howbout a fight with Joseph Parker or Andy Ruiz! Were waiting....

-mortcola :

JDJ is becoming a gifted trainer. We?ll be saying greater things about him soon. C-Al spars weekly or more with my trainer, 10-2 Anthony Karperis. Extremely talented and fast fighter, d and o. Watching C-Al, I can tell you, since the DJD experience he is a MUCH more advanced fighter. Love to hear what others have to say about this trainer, especially after a few more big developments. Will he become what Roach was supposed to be? Etc?

-oubobcat :

I will say this about Jennings and that is he made a big mistake turning the fight with Ortiz down. Yes I understand the paycheck may not be too his liking (especially when compared to what he got for the Klitschko fight) but this was an opportunity on a big PPV to get a win that would propel him into bigger fights in the heavyweight division. And especially a mistake when I think that he handles Ortiz with relative ease. Ortiz is a southpaw with a good record but has not really faced anybody. Jennings is much more experienced, much quicker, better schooled, etc. I think Jennings would stop Ortiz within 5 without breaking much of a sweat.