Kovalev Smashes Overmatched Mohammedi in 3

Sergey Kovalev kept on doing what he does, stalking, battering, stopping foes, in the main event from Mandalay Bay on Saturday night, and on HBO. This time it was Frenchman Nadjib Mohammedi who ate the leather buffet. He went down in the second and then even harder in the third. A right and left follow had Mo on the mat, unable to rise. He was pawing his left eye and wanted no more of that punishment.

Light heavy champ Kovalev, from Russia, living in CA, was 27-0 (24 Kos) entering.

Mo, from France, was 39-3 (24 Kos) entering.

The end came at 2:38 of the third, via KO.

Kova went 67-170 to 17-96 for the loser.

Main Events, Kovalev’s people, promoted. In the first, SK jabbed, looked to land a follow right, was busy early, stalked, as Mo edged back, looked to land a so-so jab, and ate a clean right 50 seconds remaining. Trainer John David Jackson asked for body work, and feints, after the round.

In the second, we saw SK go down, off a slip. Mo went down, off rights, at 1:30. He was up at 8. A right again buzzed him. He held and they tumbled to the mat, and Bayless told Kovalev not to push.

In the third, Mo had his legs. He moved more, smartly, but down he went again. He didn’t beat the count. A straight right on the chin put him on his can, and a left to the left eye maybe was more damaging.

All in all, the event disappointed, because the judges messed up a feel good story for Yunieski Gonzalez and Mohammedi was not in the same league as Kovalev. Time for some hard work and money to be thrown to get Kovalev a stiffer test…



-Radam G :

Krusher does nothing but crush. All of you light heavyweights, RUN! Holla!

-amayseng :

His length, height, boxing skills, improving savvy and power would for me, make him a favorite over Ward if he came up to 175 to take on KK next after such a lay off and crap sparring session against Smith...

-oubobcat :

No surprise, Mohammedi had been KO'd early twice before and really had not beaten anyone of significance in his career. It looks like Kovalev is heading to Russia in November for his next fight. Kathy Duva mentioned Artur Beterbiev as an opponent but that obviously is not happening with Beterbiev being signed to Haymon. It will probably be against another Mohammedi type opponent (maybe Lepikhen) before we see him in with Pascal again next spring. Obviously Kovalev will be a significant favorite in both fights. Hopefully the Ward fight happens sometime next year.

-StormCentre :

Counter punches in round 2 set it (all) up; particularly from the 2 minute remaining point forward. Then in round 3 Mohammedi was a rabbit caught in the bright spotlight fueled by Sergey's "power". This was more of a mismatch than Floyd V Berto, but in that context it somehow slipped under the radar. Yes, bring on Ward V Kovalev or 3G. :) :) :)

-brownsugar :

This was perhaps the worst mismatch I've seen all year, the opponent gets paid $270,000 and the fans get robbed,..... even Sergio said what happened last night wasn't boxing and couldn't be considered a fight... Will boxing ever survive this fiasco???? Seriously, the best fighters all want to stay busy. Even a fight as weak as this one can help keep a fighter on his toes. I didn't watch the Kovalev or the Flores Shumenov fight. Because I already knew there was nothing to see,...Bj is a skilled announcer but he's only had 4 fights in 5 years, his last fight was in 2012. Summer time in Columbus is like a two month long Mardi Gras, only no rivers of urine running down the sidestreets and no.inebriated college pubes wrecking your evening by acting a fool.. So if you are fortunate enough to live here you must make the time to enjoy it The ribs feasts, art fest, jazz fest, the many school and family reunions along with all the u-name-it fests happening at the same time actually make me thankful for bum fight week... There are rumblings that Kovalev and Duva have extended an open armed welcome to a Beterbiev fight in Russia. Beterbiev who has a bachelor's degree, a masters degree, a law degree, and is currently working on a doctorate in phys ed,.... Also has a degree in whipping Kovalev's arse. In the amateurs, it is said the 30 year old Beterbiev, owned Kovalev. But unlike Adonis Stevenson,...Kovalev never met boxer he wouldn't fight. Kovalev and his team believe their experience in the pro's more than compensates for whatever happened in the amateurs. And I agree, going the full tweleve is something the still wet-behind-the-ear Beterbiev don't know nuthin about. This is a much more compelling fight to me than the still undersized Andre Ward.... Ward's day of reckoning will come, ROC Nation and Ward have already confirmed it. No need for Pascal.to suffer more head trauma, Even Kovalev said he'd rather fight Gonzalez, because he would make for a more competitive fight. The whole world knows that Gonzalez won, but thanks to the miracle of A-side, home-cooking,....Pascal was gifted an undeserved decision.

-StormCentre :

OMFG . . . . . ""Will boxing ever survive this fiasco????"" Love it and all it cryptically/humorously means. Also, PBC eat your heart out. :) :) :)