Low Output Chavez Jr. Outweighs Reyes, Wins UD10

Julio Cesar Chavez came back for another round of reputation burnishing, taking on Marcos Reyes in the main event of a Showtime card Saturday night. He didn’t bowl anyone over with his showing, though; Junior was the bigger, more skilled man in Texas, but he took much of many rounds off, and his corner told him time and again to be busier. That said, he did get the W, though no extra points for style: Chavez Jr. got the nod, by scores of 97-92, 98-91, 96-93.

Chavez (170.8 on Friday, refused to weigh in day of; living in CA; 48-2-1-1 entering) quit and lost in his last bout, and switched from Joe Goossen to Robert Garcia in his corner.

Reyes (from Mexico; 33-2 entering; cornered by Nacho Beristain; WBC No. 12 middleweight) used to use Garcia but couldn’t because he was booked.

Junior went 149-340 to 164-690 for Reyes. 340 punches over ten rounds is a weak number…

After, Junior said to Jim Gray he thinks he did OK but he hurt his left hand, which he thinks may be broken. He said he would have kayoed him, probably, if his hand was OK. He is open to a rematch, he said, and while Reyes threw a lot, he also missed a lot. He said he will stay at 168, and can do better, though he did have a great camp. Trainer Garcia said he could have done more, and they didn’t have much time together. Gray asked why fans were booing and Junior, like a Chris Christie, fielded that query well, saying that’s because they wanted a KO. Reyes to Gray said he thought he won, and complained that Junior was basically a 175 fighting a middleweight.

In the first, Jr. backed up, and then edged forward, played peekaboo guard, ducked down, popped a jab, tried to land a sharp right. In the second, Junior backed up, then wanted to land left hooks. He ripped one, then a chopping right…and the ref halted it because Reyes thought he was hit low. He was right, btw…A fierce right by Junior landed before the bell.

In the third, Reyes got busier. Junior nodded, told him to keep going. Junior perked up, backed him up second half of the round, won the round, I think.

In the fourth, Junior stalked, his poundage edge now helping as he ground down the smaller man. In the fifth, Junior did some basics, showing the jab. Junior’s heavier hands and body was helping him more now, as Reyes was being drained. Reyes went lefty, then righty, in the sixth. Garcia told Junior to do more, put more pressure on, the whole round, after the round. In the seventh, Reyes ran more. He was eating clean, he looked more fatigued. Reyes came out with energy to start the eighth; Junior wasn’t busy and didn’t press like he did the round before. In the ninth, a point was taken from Reyes for a foul, off a clash of heads. We saw blood on Chavez’ left eye. Reyes poured it on at the bell, showing great fire. Garcia said he needed the next round. In the tenth, Junior really didn’t do as Garcia said, he wasn’t all that urgent. Reyes threw low, and Junior complained, and got nailed while yapping. We went to the cards, after they traded to end it, and Reyes slipped to the mat…



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