Frampton Dropped Twice, Gets Up And Dominates on CBS

Carl Frampton auditioned for some United States love, taking on Alejandro Gonzalez in the main event of the #PBConCBS Saturday afternoon show. He was chinny early, but got warmed up and showed the form which makes him a fave on his side of the pond. After twelve rounds of Frampton stumbling, then waking up, relaxing and showing his full arsenal, we went to the cards. The arbiters had it 115-109, 115-109, 116-108 for the Irishman.

He gave Gonzo credit after, and admitted he came out slow.The fight was exciting, though not the caliber he wanted, he admitted, and he cut too much weight late in the process, he noted.

Frampton (20-0; from Belfast) came to Texas with the IBF super feather title around his waist, and trainer Nacho Beristain in his corner. Gonzo, whose dad won a crown in the 90s, was 25-1-2, and came from Mexico. Frampton, coming over from Ireland, said in the leadup that he can punch hard, and he has an exciting style. “Fans want to see blood and guts, I’m prepared to give them that,” he said.

In the first, Frampton looked thicker. But he went to the mat 35 seconds in. Gonzo then ate a sharp right as the Irishman got warmed up. Then down he went again. The first knock came off a push-jab. The second was a right hand on the button. Gonzo looked confident, not in over his head in the least and Frampton looked tight, like he too much wanted to impress in the second.

In the third, the ref took a point from Gonzo for going low, after a couple warnings. He buzzed CF again, though. In the fourth, Frampton was even more in warmed up mode. He was more fluid than before. In round five, Gonzo landed as he was backing up but CF was no longer cold and absorbed punches properly. Gonzo was not in the fight in the same way by the sixth. A right cross by CF was a stunner late. Frampton’s feet got warmed up and had him avoiding jabs by now, in the seventh.

Gonzo woke up some in the eighth but not enough to take the round. A right and left hook landed on Frampton in the ninth…But he returned to form, kept up the work rate, movement, combos. In round ten, Gonzo went low again. But he didn’t win the round, not with busy and composed Frampton doing his thing. In the 11th, CF was peppy, defensively attentive, being busier. Gonzo had another point taken for going low. In the 12th, Gonzo knew he needed a home run. He didn’t get it, and we went to the cards…

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/CBS



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It was said that Gonzalez was only rated 60th in the division ( or something like that ) but it wouldn't have mattered if he was rated 120th, Gonzalez chose not to fulfill our lowered expectations... the kid performed as if he didn't know he was fighting a champion and seemed to ignore the fact that he was the b-side to Framptons' U.S. inaugural coming out party.. Although Gonzalez didn't forget to bring the party favors in the form of a heavy right hand and an effective hook. ... The fight was close, competitive and exciting even though Frampton got credit for winning most of the rounds, a few of those rounds could have gone the other way. If you missed the fight check it out on YouTube. You won't be disappointed Seated in the front row was a grinning Santa Cruz who will most likely get Frampton on Showtime if he succeeds in his next fight against Mares. Next up,.... Hopefully Rigondeaux fits somewhere in their future.

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After picking my jaw off the floor after the first round i thoroughly enjoyed that one. That's what i love about boxing, new talent that arrives seemingly out of nowhere. I will look forward to seeing young Gonzalez again.

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Wrote something about this fight over here . . .
-> No point in writing it again. :) :)