Triple G’s Hunt For Greatness and Signature Fight Continues

Nobody really wants to fight WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

Not if they know what’s good for them they don’t. Junior middleweights Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara claim they do. 50 year-old “Alien” Bernard Hopkins says he does too but that’s just to chide Floyd for boss Oscar. Add American welterweight Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley as well. He’s no coward, or so he says. Let’s get serious.

Golovkin, 33-0, 30 KOs, has now defeated twenty consecutive opponents by knockout. The overall record of those twenty doomed pugilists was a combined 496-66-12 going into combat with Golovkin. Half of those twenty men GGG hammered into submission had never been stopped before in their professional boxing careers. Then they ran into “Kazakh Thunder” as Jim Lampley likes to call it on HBO. The newly inducted International Boxing Hall of Fame announcer is right. Golovkin is a force of nature. His fourteen successful defenses of the WBA 160 pound title have all come by stoppage against credible contenders (to wit: Martin Murray, Marco Rubio, and Daniel Geale, et al.) whose best was just not good enough to even go the distance. With Golovkin on such a brutal tear through a glamour division once ruled so marvelously by Hagler and Hopkins, there are not many options left for “Triple G” and some of his remaining potential opponents are literally making themselves scarce. After every new win, the talk from GGG is always of “big fights” but who really wants to get beaten up by a modern day Mike Tyson who looks like Harry Greb and sounds like Borat Sagdiyev? And so Golovkin waits for his career defining fight(s); wins again and again (by KO) and waits some more…

Andre Ward, recently thought to be an ideal adversary for Golovkin, is now suddenly in the light heavyweight title picture against unified WBA, IBF, and WBO champion Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev, this according to Main Events promoter Kathy Duva on a media conference call held to promote Kovalev’s July 25 mandatory defense against 40-1 long shot Nadjib Mohammedi. “We all agree that fight [Kovalev-Ward] is going to happen,” said Duva of ongoing negotiations with Team Ward to make the match-up a reality at 175 pounds. This development rules out the possibility of Ward fighting Golovkin anytime soon or before a bout with Kovalev can materialize in late 2016. “Triple G” vs. “S.O.G.” at 168 seemed reasonably doable, if not handicapped in favor of the larger Ward, but Golovkin against a light heavyweight strikes me as unrealistic. Golovkin is a small but powerful middleweight. Ward was 171¾ for his recent return bout against Paul Smith. This is the “moving up and away from” strategy by Ward. Some might argue that Ward’s recent inactivity issues and current jump in weight suit him just fine if the objective all along was to avoid a dangerous fight with Golovkin at or near super middleweight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Andre Berto is up next for “TBE” from what I hear. I’m sure “Money” would rather swim with sharks than fight a hungry apex predator like Golovkin. After one or two more “easy wins” Mayweather will almost certainly retire undefeated rather than glove up with Golovkin at any weight.

Carl Froch did just officially retire. No GGG for that defanged “Cobra” and there had been talk.

And poor Miguel Cotto, the Puerto Rican star sounded like he forgot his English homework last month on HBO when Max Kellerman asked the undersized linear world middleweight champion about the unbeaten Kazakhi elephant in the room. Funny and sad at the same time, it was something boxing fans won’t soon forget. Even sadder, Cotto and Golovkin will probably never clash as they should. More than any fighter in boxing, Golovkin “deserves” a linear title shot. When Cotto finally sells his championship claim in a business arrangement similar to the one in which he purchased it from Sergio Martinez, the buyer (…and the new!) will hopefully be Golden Boy’s cash cow because there’s good reason to believe Canelo Alvarez is at least willing to challenge Golovkin for middleweight supremacy.

Still, Cotto versus Canelo will definitely have to happen before Golovkin can get either of them in the ring.

And I don’t exactly hear animal lover Peter Quillin barking for a Golovkin fight. Unfortunately, “Kid Chocolate” is melting away before he can even be devoured.

Who else is there? Canadian firecracker David Lemieux, the new IBF middleweight champ? Fun fist-fight it’ll be for sure but a pure massacre in the ring. Another KO for Golovkin.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.? He got stepped on like a stone by Andrzej Fonfara last April. For now, the “Lion Cub of Culiacán” is out of the GGG mix. Maybe someday he’ll serve as a suitable punching bag for Golovkin.

Former Emanuel Steward KRONK protégé Andy Lee should thank his lucky stars that fate interceded on his behalf. If that one had gone off as scheduled last year, “Irish Eyes” would not be smiling so brightly for Lee today. Accordingly, Lee gets the one and only pass when it comes to “ducking Golovkin” because he did already sign on the dotted line. The popular WBO middleweight champ is now more appropriately matched against Billy Joe Saunders this September at home in Ireland. It’s not that Lee won’t fight Golovkin, it’s that he shouldn’t. No chance to win. High probability of getting hurt. In the meantime, Golovkin’s championship knockout streak continues. So too does his long wait for a “big name” fight.

Credentialed boxing writer Jeffrey Freeman grew up in the City of Champions, Brockton, Massachusetts. A member of the RingTV expert prediction panel for three years, the author also serves as Editor-in-Chief of the popular boxing website WWW.KODigest.TV where he is affectionately known as “KO” by his many friends and readers in the boxing community.



-Radam G :

Three g has come on the middleweight scene at a bad time. There are no middles around that could wear his jock strap. Holla!

-amayseng :

Three g has come on the middleweight scene at a bad time. There are no middles around that could wear his jock strap. Holla!
Agreed. Meanwhile, the lineal champion, Cotto, is hiding under his bed.

-deepwater2 :

Agreed. Meanwhile, the lineal champion, Cotto, is hiding under his bed.
Why doesn't tsAH let Quillin fight GGG? He has nothing to lose. Quillin is fighting TBA in the fall. Just replace TBA with GGG. Why doesn't tsAH match his middleweight belt holder Danny Jacobs against GGG? Why doesn't tsAH let Lara go up and challenge GGG? Lara keeps talking about it. tsaH just has to call K2 and lets make a deal.

-Domenic :

In his next fight, Golovkin should deliberately look very, very bad. When he gets hit, pretend he's on queer street, take a knee or two, then turn it on late and get the KO. He needs to make himself look as vulnerable as possible in order to get anyone to fight him. It's amazing how feared the man is. Lemieux said he wanted to, but then changed his mind and said no way in hell. Cotto, who really has never ducked anyone, is hiding under the bed, wrapped in his sheets in a fetal position. It's a damn shame. Lara said he wants him. Then go to 160 and get the deal done. Why on earth would Golovkin abandon the prestigious middleweight title to fight a guy nobody wants to see at 154? Lara is in no position to make demands.

-brownsugar :

My personal favorite would be Lemieux, .....Lemieux says he wants it, but no way his management will allow a sacrifice of this magnitude this early in Davids title reign. Lemieux is being groomed for maximum profit, and rarely does any champ immediately fight the most dangerous opponent in any division these days. Expect to see David matched with the winner of Canelo vs Cotto mega fight. I have a suggestion. Since the valiant gladiator Carl Froch has with drawn himself from the sport and Floyd Mayweather's diabolically covert machinations are indecipherable by conventional logic at this time. ....I have a suggestion. Since GGG has voiced his intentions to fight a worthy challenger at 168lbs, I'd like to see him fight Derrick Findley, aka Superman. The squat 5' 7" freakishly muscled 21- 16 Findley has become the benchmark of the 168 lb gatekeepers. Findley has no aspirations to win a title, his sole purpose for existence in the world of boxing is to spoil the careers of potential champs and title contenders. The interesting thing about Findley is that he's never been stopped by the following list of super middleweight and middleweight contender's Andre Dirrell, Matt Korobov, Curtis Stevens, Edwin Rodriguez, Jesse Hart(recently acquired by TR), Edwin Rodriguez, and Andre Ward. ....and J'leon Love (who barely made it). It would be a brilliant way for GGG to test the 168 lb waters and it would send an alarming message that would reverberate throughout the boxing community like a harbinger of impending doom... Well maybe the language is a bit strong, but personally it like to see if GGG could stop Findley after all of the above mentioned names could not. It would be very impressive. Oh snap!!! PBC is on, gotta go.