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UPDATE 2: For what it's worth, and it might be a lot, because you dismiss them and their sourcing at your peril, but TMZ is reporting as of Monday, 4:30 PM ET that Mayweather-Berto is signed, sealed and will be delivered Sept. 12.

UPDATE: Until the Man decides the Plan, nothing is official. And Floyd Mayweather hasn't released word on specifics of his next.

His maybe foe, Andre Berto, put out a statement on Wednesday afternoon: “I'm happy to be in the running for this fight and am definitely up for the challenge. I know it will be a great fight if it happens.”

Lance Pugmire reported Tuesday night that his solid sources say nothing has been fully decided yet, though it does indeed look like the CBS/Berto plan will be effected.

Wouldn't it be something if Mayweather won a Best Fighter ESPY tonight, and announced his “next” plans at the podium during his acceptance speech?

Wise hands know that plans can change, and that nothing is final until checks clear…so I think you will have powers that be assessing public/Twitter sentiment to a Floyd/Berto fight, and that could influence their choice-making. So far, it looks to be like the usual mockingbirds are doing their nattering nabobs of negativism song, but all in all, many seem to like the purported plan. Berto is a name, and while his best days may or may not be behind him, the power of being a name brand can't be over-stated. I also think his physicality could provide for some more interesting moments than we got in the #MayPac fight.

So, we wait…we are accustomed to that…we know this sphere is Floyd's territory, he runs his show, and we will know when he wants us to know…and not until then.



Word on the street, back in the dark alley, away from shining lights of the keytapping fightwriters, we hear this: Floyd Mayweather will fight Andre Berto on CBS, on Sept. 12.

He will get paid around what he has been guaranteed for every fight within his six fight deal with Showtime, which ends after this bout, something like $30-35 million.

Because the fight won't be on pay-per-view, and Floyd won't get a big taste of those extra monies, his pie will be sweetened via sponsorships and the like. The scrap will be marketed as a “give back,” an ice cream cone for fans bummed by getting wallet burned watching #MayPac.

Also, a rumor: especially if this experiment goes well, and Floyd beats Berto to go to 49-0, his 50th fight could also run on network television.

I reached out to Showtime and asked for a confirm or deny. The response: “The network has no comment at this time, Mike.” I also emailed Swanson Communications, which handles Mayweathers' PR, to respond to those particulars. I didn't hear back, and will insert a response if one arrives. I messaged Berto, and asked him if he got the gig, twice, over a span of two days, and didn't hear back.


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