Fans Have More Influence Than They Realize Regarding Floyd’s Next Foe

For the last three or four years Floyd Mayweather has controlled the debate in regards to the sport of professional boxing.

Today, the banter over who he should fight next, or who he definitely should not fight next, is never ending.

Everyone holds a stern opinion. As most know, to me, there’s only one fight worth watching and paying for to see Mayweather partake in – and that’s against WBA middleweight title holder Gennady Golovkin without any catch-weight attached.

Hate on me for wanting to see Floyd engage in one legitimate bout before he retires if you wish…

It’s been repeated in this space that there’s no rhyme or reason to pay a dollar to see Mayweather fight any welterweight or junior middleweight in the world. I think we all know that in 2015, Floyd is unbeatable in between 147-154. Just like Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard were at one time. And I might add at a time when the 147-154 blocks were a much faster track and tougher neighborhood.

Since beating Manny Pacquiao conclusively two months ago and solidifying his perch as the most accomplished fighter/combat sports participant in the world, Mayweather has been teasing the public, floating out different names of opponents as to who he’ll fight next in what many speculate will be his farewell bout. Depending on where and when you’ve read various publications, junior welterweight Karim Mayfield 19-2-1 (11) age 34, has been bantered about as his next opponent. Yes, I’m serious. The most interesting thing about seeing that fight happen would be the names on the marque…Mayweather vs. Mayfield.

May we not see it or have to pay for it.

Mayfield doesn’t have the weight, style or pedigree to run with Mayweather.

Andre Berto, 30-3 (23) is a solid 31 year old welterweight. But you’re really going to ask fans to pay to see that one-sided boring snooze-fest? Yes, they are that brazen to do just that and then try and tell us how great Berto’s chances are.

Welterweight Amir Khan 31-3 (19) has been lobbying to fight Mayweather for two years, and some even believe he has the style to bother Floyd. However, are you willing to be gouged at the wallet to see it? Not me. What Khan has in speed, he lacks in gumption, toughness and strength to challenge Mayweather for more than a round or two after Floyd wakes up and becomes interested in the fight.

Undefeated welterweight sensation Keith Thurman 25-0 (21) has also been mentioned as being in the mix as a possible opponent for Mayweather this coming September. Thurman is strong and he can hit, but his lack of experience against elite opposition would be huge against a class fighter like Floyd. Thurman has one tool, power. His delivery system isn’t the greatest in the world, and even at 38, Mayweather is still a master when it comes to taking the bullets out of his opponents’ guns. Thurman would look like he was trying to knock out a bed sheet hung over a clothes-line against Mayweather.

It’s been said in this space repeatedly that there is only one fight worth paying for involving Floyd Mayweather, and that’s a non-catch-weight title bout with Gennady Golovkin. But the Mayweather fan boys have pleaded Floyd’s case that Gennady at 159 is too big and dangerous for Floyd at 151. They state Floyd started out at 130, but forget that he’s been a welterweight for eight years. And they conveniently forget Larry Holmes was about 65 pounds bigger than where Michael Spinks started.

Okay…if Golovkin is too big and scary for Mayweather, so be it. Then Mayweather can fight Mayfield, Berto, Khan or Thurman, but don’t force the fans to pay for it. Do it on SHOWTIME. Remember, Floyd only fought Pacquiao because he knew the fans weren’t buying any other fight, that, and he knew Manny was broken down and eroded physically.

If fans were smart, and they’re not, they would say loud and clear that Mayweather can fight anybody he wants, but we’re not paying for anybody but Golovkin without a catch weight stipulation. And since you know that’s not happening, speak up and say you’ll watch his next fight regardless of who it’s against – as long as you don’t have to pay for it.

That’s all it would take in order for Mayweather to meet an opponent worth seeing in his next bout, but Floyd has outsmarted the fans every step of the way for the last eight years. It’s not about to change for his last or second to last fight!

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-brownsugar :

One thing I like about Mr Lotierzo, he's been consistent, .. tough as nails on Floyd from beginning to end. Personally my favorite opponent would be Kell Brook, he's compact, efficient, and savvy. Next would be Bradley, Thurman, or Porter in no particular order. Bradley who used to be affectionately known as bucket head around these forums has surprisingly been adopted back into the fold by many fans who previously projected their disdain of the decision of the first Pacquioa fight onto Bradley as if he scored the fight himself has become a fan favorite due to his hustling, and sometimes wreckless, fan pleasing style. Bradley would present a different kind of equation for Mayweather, how does Mayweather beat Bradley's activity?... No problem as he's shut down many fighters who thought that throwing punches in bunches is the answer. What about Porter? Porter is the African american version of Maidana, he has a little power but rarely gets a chance to land cleanly because he doesn't give himself enough room to punch with his 3-yards-and-cloud-of-dust linebacker style. No problem again, Floyd has been there done that. To me Brook and Thurman present the more interesting challenge. Thurman isn't the boxing savant Floyd is but he will land big at least once during the fight. While Brook is sharper and more crisp and precise but is prone to fade in the late rounds. GGG at 154, ... I see a hard fight, but at his age Floyd is more about leisure than legacy. The only way Floyd would fight a monster like GGG is if he were just starting out and needed to make a name for himself.

-Rock :

Pacquiao doesnt deserve a rematch...hes a poor loser and a poor sport. He seems to always have an excuse everytime he loses. Even when Marquez knocked him out cold, he claimed Marquez was the one on PED's and it was a lucky punch. Now hes crying that he thought he won against Floyd? Then he next minute he says he lost because of his shoulder....*SMDH* [URL="">[/URL]

-brownsugar :

Pacquiao doesnt deserve a rematch...hes a poor loser and a poor sport. He seems to always have an excuse everytime he loses. Even when Marquez knocked him out cold, he claimed Marquez was the one on PED's and it was a lucky punch. Now hes crying that he thought he won against Floyd? Then he next minute he says he lost because of his shoulder....*SMDH* [URL="">[/URL]
Excellent find Rock,....Lampley is simply the best. Even though he's on a competing network, the former home of Floyd Mayweather (HBO). ...Lampley can still provide a non biased opinion. .... that's what I call credibility.

-brownsugar :

At this point in time I'm not even concerned withwhat Floyd does in his next fight,.... he's been a huge part of my motivation to watch boxing for so long it will seem strange without him. Looking back,.... every Mayweather fight party we've had (over a dozen) have turned into major events that feel like home comings, block parties, family Reunions or a wedding receptions, son speaks Spanish and would invite his Puerto Rican and Mexican friends, Our mutual and relatives would drop by and my work associates would come by....everyone would be rabbidly pro or against.................the protracted debates wouldn't end until the fight started. Sometimes large sums of money would change hands at the end of the fight. Sometimes the neighbors would wander in or folks from an adjoining party would drop in by accident and we didnt even realize that we didn't know each other until the fight was over. The Mayweather fight party has almost become a institution in my household and it will be missed. I have no expectations for his final fight, I haven't even decided if I'd watch it. But to be totally honest, if I'm still blessed to be here, and I happen to get a few hours of overtime, I'd probably tune in at the last minute to watch it,...... even if Floyd did end up fighting Berto. So although I appreciate the stellar presentation of this article, Frank's cautionary warning and call to arms is totally wasted on me. when it comes to boxing... I watch who I want. Enjoy the fights.

-Art :

I am and have been a huge boxing fan for years! My father and uncles watched the big punchers like Joe Frazier and Roberto Duran! Having said that, I have lost interest in boxing when Mayweather comes around and, for me, squeezed in between real fights. Afterwards, finding out that his fight was a complete bore! I don't care who he brings in the ring with him! I can't wait for him to retire so we can focus on real warriors in the ring!!

-New York Tony :

Mayweather has exactly zero chance against Golovkin, knows it, and that's why that fight will never take place. Can't say I blame him. My guess is that he'll announce his upcoming, and supposedly last, opponent during the week of July 20. Not a whole lot of time for the hype machine to get into gear. But that's all right, given that the bout will be impossible to promote. Mayweather to clinch his way to yet another victory -- predictable, inevitable ... and dull. Yeah, there'll be much rejoicing.

-Froggy :

Pacquiao doesnt deserve a rematch...hes a poor loser and a poor sport. He seems to always have an excuse everytime he loses. Even when Marquez knocked him out cold, he claimed Marquez was the one on PED's and it was a lucky punch. Now hes crying that he thought he won against Floyd? Then he next minute he says he lost because of his shoulder....*SMDH* [URL="">[/URL]
Pacquiao doesnt deserve a rematch anymore than Mayweather deserves a rematch, unless it is PPV for $9.99 or free ! At least with Pacquiao you always get entertaining fights, unless he fights Mayweather, who always delivers boring fights ! They should both retire after that May 2 farce !

-Domenic :

I'm not convinced this will be Mayweather's last fight. It's nice it might be on CBS for free, but thats really a product of the lack of an opponent more than anything else. Who in God's name is going to pay to see Berto, other than his mother, father, brother, etc? Mayfield? Nobody knows him. Thurman? That's sellable from a PPV standpoint, but Floyd said he's simply not a worthy challenger (but Berto is...that's what Steely Dan calls Pretzel Logic). Kell Brook is sellable also, and one I'd like to see, but he's also being summarily dismissed. And Golovkin, who many fight fans would like to see, is borderline blasphemous to the ears of Floyd supporters when mentioned as an opponent (even though Floyd's on record that he's not very good and he'd easily beat him). It's an ugly deal, but I'm guessing we'll see Berto firmed up in the next week or so, and I don't believe it's Floyd's swan song at all.

-Pazuzu :

Guys: There is no such thing as a free lunch. Repeat until it sinks in. Or, tell Haymon's investors that PBC fights are on "free TV" and see what kind of reaction you get. Floyd aint gonna fight on CBS for free. He'll get paid. The questions are: 1) how much, 2) by whom, and 3) for those who put up the money, what kind of ROI will they get. Answer those questions, and you'll have a good idea of where the sport is headed in the next few years.

-Kid Blast :

Wow. Neat thread. Intelligent posts. Seems to be the case when Frank does his stuff.

-SouthPawFlo :

As his career comes to a close, I don't think I've ever seen such a polarizing figure in any Sport as Mayweather is for Boxing... When you think of the PPV stars of the last 10 years, he's fought them and Beat them All, and now that he has beaten Pacquiao there are some fans who wanna just see him go and some who wanna admire his greatness even longer... Being the Michael Jordan, or the Tiger Woods of his Sport it's sad that he's so far ahead of the pack that he doesn't have any people to truly bring the Greatness out of him... When you think of other fighters between 140-154 of the last Decade who have been in big 1,000,000 buy PPV fights he's beaten them all soundly.. Judah, Hatton, De La Hoya, Mosley, Marquez, Cotto, Canelo, Pacquaio.... This is a who's who of boxing for the last Decade between 140-154 and now he has shown that for his era he clearly has no peer... So no matter who he chooses to fight for his next fight in September he'll be the overwhelming favorite and most likely the older man in the ring but clearly the more talented fighter...

-Coxs Corner :

Rumor is his next fight will be on CBS and not pvp so probably can choose almost any opponent. If the network is willing to pay the big bucks which it appears they might be. I would like to see Mayweather in a fight where he is not the favorite and see how he handles adversity but we know thats not going to happen.

-brownsugar :

Agreed, it seems that not even the fighter whom was supposed to posses enough raw natural talent and ability to give Mayweather enough adversity to defeat him could come close..... Mayweather often said ...."I'm God gifted, nobody can beat me man".....this frequent admission from Floyd seems to have more of a revelation than prefight hype. It's looking more likely that his last fight will be presented on CBS, at no cost to the viewers, a fitting way to give back after building a personal empire from this proceeds he earned on PPV. Floyd often said "without the fans non of this would be possible". I think he'll do his last fight on free TV and exit in style,... and unless he instigates another fight with Pac, I suspect he will stick to his word and concentrate on promoting. I wouldn't doubt that his former sponsors will come back at some point during his retirement. Floyd has become such an ICON the Youth Minister at my church mentioned Floyd's name during his sermon, something about Floyd spending over $6000 a year because he never wears the same underwear twice and he only wears his tennis shoes one time when he travels and leaves them for the hotel staff when he leaves. I don't remember what the context was but it wasn't the first time I've heard his name mentioned in church and it probably won't be the last. I suspect the identity of Floyd's final opponent will be forthcoming within the next week.