BRONER BEING BRONER, Shoots Self in Foot With Gun Prank

The kid knows how to get us and keep us talking, win, or as has been more likely of late, lose.

Adrien Broner took to Instagram on Monday night, and got the Twittersphere yakking.

Broner posted a pic of him holding a revolver, with a caption that read, “Eff all that boxing s—t dog I’m boxing for real.” There was a confrontative hashtag to boot.

Whoah, is AB going OR, Off Rails?

Has he taken his Saturday loss to Shawn Porter, and the scathing critique from many fans, to heart?

Has he snapped, finally, for real? Not, like, acting goofy in gentleman’s club off the rails, but real deal Holyfield lost the thread?

The answer came quickly; he soon posted a second Instagram, with an even more disturbing visual, on surface, him pointing that same revolver at his head.

A close inspection reveals the “gun” has a hose/chord attached to it, indicating it is a faux firearm. This caption reads, “Y’all dumb if you think I’m bout to eff up my career lol.”

Well, OK, you could see it that way. But my first response to the first pose was shared by many folks, some of us dumb, others a step or two up. We were shocked, disappointed..and many were not surprised. That speaks to what many see as the ultimate imminent path for Broner. Many folks think he will slide fully off the rails, succumb to temptation and dissatisfaction with a semi-floundering career, and step in a big pile of badness. I don’t necessarily agree, and think there is an element of cyncism to assume the direction he’s going in, though, I admit, sometimes his decision-making seems, on surface, to be suspect to the point you are left wondering about his future, especially when the boxing grinds to a halt or peters out.

I posited that I found these posts unseemly, within the context of that church shooting in Charleston, SC, and some folks agreed, while others didn’t think that the church incident and this Instagram prank are even remotely related. The next afternoon, though, it seems as though wiser heads prevails, and I dare say the Charleston event was at least considered by those that lobbied for him to take down the pics. Yes, the posts were scrubbed off his Instagram page. He’d linked that posts to his Twitter, but when you clicked on the Tweets, a message read: “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

I posed a question to the masses Monday evening, was this little stunt “Masterful or Moronic?” Most said moronic, but of course that is a narrowly based poll. Anyone who follows me on Twitter is more inclined to share my POV, and gun-toting, Rand-quoting, Huckabee-backing sorts have likely long ago ditched my feed, I get that…

Circling back to the lead…this Broner keeps himself relevant, us talking about him days after his bouts, in a way a better but more boring boxer doesn’t. You can rail against that being a sad statement for our age, I suppose. I try to steer clear of the out-of-the-ring exploits of misbehaving boxers, to an extent, because, after all, who are we, TMZ? But I think Broner has reached a crossroads; his skills suggest he should have beaten Shawn Porter on Saturday and so he has to ask some questions of himself, if he wants to correct his arc. Or, he can continue to play the merry prankster post-loss, acting like he is all good, win or lose. I admit, I will be curious to see how his arc plays out, and yes, he knows that, and he deserves credit, I guess, for knowing how to play this media game.

But…when does it cease to be a game?




-Radam G :

No doubt that Broner is always trying not to be a goner. He should use some of that energy in pugging instead of "Big Bro" Money May bulljive mugging nut hugging. Holla!