Tarver Assesses Khan-Algieri

Fight fans can check out the Amir Khan-Chris Algieri welterweight tangle tonight, on SPIKE, 9 PM Eastern, and the co-feature, between Costa Rican Bryan Vasquez, and Dominican Javier Fortuna, for a 130 pound belt, should be a decent scrap, as well.

I checked in with SPIKE analyst Antonio Tarver, to get his assessment on what we might see in the clash between the superstar Brit and the comebacking Long Islander.

“I just had a great fighters meeting with both those guys,” he told me. “Amir Khan is the favorite, and by a large margin, more gifted and talented…but that’s why we fight! The upsets are always looming. If Khan hasn’t done his homework, hasn’t taken this fight deadly seriously, then it’s gonna show up in the fight. We get a sense he has, he has something to prove, and he’s a pro. But it still hasn’t stopped him from getting knocked out, from losing. He can lose! And that’s the confidence a guy like Algieri is bringing to this fight. Algieri knows it’s win, or nothing for him! Where’s he gonna go, two losses in a row to two of the best welterweights, he’s back to ground zero. I would say Khan, 70-30, is about right. Algieri is not a bum, he should have done better against Pacquiao, but he has a lot to prove.”

He noted that the addition of sage John David Jackson is a plus for the New Yorker. “That’s big, especially in these type of fights, Algieri hasn’t had a whole lot of experience in these sized fights. John helps him a lot.  Boxing is about how you prepare, and that’s prior to the fight, and that’s all team. We in that ring along but there’s a lot more people we’re fighting for!”

And how do YOU think this one plays out?